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Dear Members,

Over the past few months there has been a lot of forum activity that has been outside the Forums Terms of Service. This activity has been offensive and repetitive in nature. It has disturbed the peaceful mission of the Forums. The obvious intended demands have not stopped just in the Forums but have spilled over to include demands being communicated thru personal emails and phone calls to personal phone numbers including voicemails to Board members that have alarmed them. Starting today Forum posts will be actively monitored and any posts that are deemed to be detrimental to the LBHA or mention crossbreeds or other species will be deleted. Furthermore, any continued offensive actions will be dealt with by the Board following the By-Laws. And as stated in the By-Laws any actions that relate to the hiring, firing, discipline of personnel, or personal records are not available to the Membership.


Alec Bradford
President, LBHA




The premier registry and support association for Large Black hogs in the United States.

The Large Black Hog Association (LBHA) is the premier registry and support association for Large Black hogs in the United States. We are a non-profit association, managed by a group of dedicated volunteers, owners and breeders of this wonderful heritage hog.

The recovery of this breed in the United States is directly due to the efforts of our members. We are proud of our success and invite you to join us!


Perhaps the most important thing about Large Blacks is their pedigree.

Perhaps the most important thing about Large Blacks is their pedigree. These are “heritage” hogs. They retain the traits of their ancestors that lived on the pastures and woods of England in the 16th and 17th centuries. They are hardy animals able to handle the cold and heat. They can effectively convert pasture and goodies found in your woods into nutrition. Great mothering ability; good sized litters; longevity. Despite their large size they are well known as very docile hogs. Their dark coloring makes them more resistant to sunburn. And their pork might be the best available; micromarbled and deliciously Old World flavor.






The LBHA consists of a wide variety of people with a common interest – ensuring the long term viability of the large black hog breed. The LBHA Board is elected from the membership and is responsible for helping each member succeed in their endeavors.


Regardless of where it was born, or if it came from artificial insemination, if you can prove it is purebred you can register it with us.


When you join the LBHA you gain access to a wide network of breeders and enthusiasts who can help with finding hogs, teach how to raise them, help you sell them and provide good contacts to veterinarians, processors, feed suppliers and other people who can help you.


The LBHA is a nonprofit organization. The Board members are all volunteers. All of the money collected through registrations and donations is used to fund LBHA activities including outreach and maintaining the registry (the LBHA pays its Registrar a small fee per transaction) and this website.


The LBHA has quickly become the registry of choice for serious breeders and buyers of Large Black hogs. We have gained this trust through ensuring the integrity of our registry. While we are easy to work with we have very high standards to make sure that only purebred hogs are registered. The registry database is monitored by two Board members in addition to the Registrar, providing checks and balances to verify that it is managed correctly. We also track the genetic diversity of our registered hogs; we are the only Large Black hog registry in the world that tracks the inbreeding coefficient of all registered hogs and provides help to our breeders to reduce inbreeding throughout the breed. We have established good relationships with the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy and Large Black hog organizations in other countries. When you advertise that your hogs are registered with the LBHA, your customers will know that they are getting great value for their money.


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A recent post has struck an accord on both sides of the issue. I do appreciate the response that we have received. Some sections of post have gone sour. I am choosing at this point to leave it up. It is common for people to speak up with their emotions first. Some people understood what we were posting. Again, one needs to think deeply regarding the post. The post was made by the Large Black Hog Association. A said association must stand on its principal which is primarily the REGISTRY for the Large Black Hog. Secondly, we are here to support and for education of the Large Black Hog. Our by laws stipulate our purpose and goals as noted here;
2.1 PURPOSE AND GOALS: The purpose of the association shall be to educate the public and LBHA members about Large Black Hogs, also known as English Large Blacks and Large Black Pigs and by several other names, and: a) To protect the genetic diversity of Large Black Hogs. b) To promote, market and educate the public and livestock producers about the unique beneficial characteristics of the Large Black Hog. The objective of the LBHA is to attract new and existing breeders to ensure the continued existence of the Large Black Hog in the United States of America. c) To register and keep pedigree records of all animals that qualify as Large Black Hogs according to the guidelines of LBHA. d) To provide technical support to a network of breeders to further their work in conserving the Large Black Hog. e) To maintain an internet website and a breeders directory (of breeders willing to be listed), available for interested people for the purposes of dissemination of information about Large Black Hogs.
As one could tell and as we were noting with our post we are not an association of untrackable cross bred members of the swine family. We must stand on the by laws that govern our association. The LBHA would love to see the energy put into this post be put into the growing of the association and the board thru the nomination process and election onto the board.
Furthermore, As President of the LBHA if the emotional bickering continues from either side those posts will be deleted. That is official notice.

Alan McKamey
President LBHA
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Hello all...Bob here...

I often see...Usually in the spring, but not always...posts here on Facebook, ads on Craigslist, and in my state's (Georgia) Dept of Agriculture Bullitin's classified ads selling Large Black Pigs.

That is great. If sold as feeders the buyers are getting a pig that is going to produce AWESOME pork, and if sold as quality registered breeding stock the entire breed can benefit. Great.

That is not how some are sold, however. Some are sold as purebred, unregistered Large Black Pigs. I'm not sure, but I may have been guilty of this myself in the past.

Everyone needs to understand that according to the LBHA there is no such thing as an unregistered Large Black Pig.

A Large Black Pig is a registered animal that is registered with either the Large Black Hog Association, the British Pig Association, or one of a VERY few other registries recognized by the LBHA.

That is the ONLY animal that is a Large Black Pig. THE ONLY ONE.

Why is the LBHA so much a stickler on this? Why won't the association recognize that a pig with a registered boar sire and a registered sow mama is a Large Black Pig? After all...The animal has the same genetics whether it is registered or not, right?

Why? Because everyone is not honest. Everyone is not ethical. Everyone does not have morals.

Because some people will lie to make a buck.

I know of a couple of people in my area that sell "unregistered large black pigs" that are MOSTLY Large Blacks, that LOOK like Large Blacks, that ACT like Large Blacks, but that would turn out to be a cross with something else in their background...Perhaps Berkshire, perhaps Poland China, perhaps who knows what, but that are NOT Large Black Pigs.

So...If you are a buyer, if there are no registration papers the pig you buy is NOT a Large Black Pig, and if you are a seller do not represent an unregistered pig as a Large Black Pig.
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Hi folks...Bob here again.

For those of you who are thinking of good Christmas gifts, you might consider a 2018 LBHA calendar. You can read all about the calendar at the LBHA's calendar Facebook page HERE (IMPORTANT note...the order cutoff date to get the calendar by Christmas is December 12) Calendars cost $12.00 each, shipping included if shipped inside the United States.:
LBHA Calendar Contest
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