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    My heart felt thanks to Brett and Stephanie Antaya and JoAnn Smotherman who resigned from the board this week. They tirelessly donated their time to improve the board’s effectiveness and supported the growth of the Large Black U. S herd. They will be missed, as their presence on the board also ensured a balance of power and kept the Large Black Hogs the primary focus.

    Thank you all for you service.


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    Our thanks to Ms. Smotherman and Mr. & Mrs. Antaya for their service as well.

    May I point out 3 observations though:

    1) It was 2 (two) Board member seats not 3 (three), unless of course, counting the Secretary position which was also relinquished.

    2) As a Board member, I take offense at the implication that the other board members do not have the best interests of the Large Black Hog breed as the primary focus.

    3) Please mark your calendar for the Annual Membership meeting on July 16th! For information on how to participate via tele-conference, please contact your President, Richard Pomeroy, at president@largeblackhogassociation.org or your Vice President, Kelley Escobedo, at vicepresident@largeblackhogassociation.org Your voice is greatly appreciated and is always heard!

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    Felicia, I don’t need you to interpret my post . There were three more board member resignations, four if you count the recent Secretary resignation. JoAnn, Brett and Stephanie all served honorably as board members. It doesn’t deter from either Brett or Stephanie’s individual accomplishments that they shared the position. Our Vice President’s board seat is currently shared by Mark and Kelly Escobedo. My post expresses my thanks to individuals. I don’t mention “seats”, you came up with that on your own.

    Your “offense” is misplaced and I make no implications. In my opinion they ensured “a balance of power” AND “kept the Large Black Hogs the primary focus” during their tenure on the board. I did not say to the exclusion of the other board members.

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    Wow. Balance of power? Really? I didn’t realize that being a board member was so powerful. The resignations of the board members makes me think twice about those who we, the members, vote for. I don’t have a clue what’s going on behind the scenes, but really. Give me a break. If you were elected by us members to hold a position, you should have the best interests of the LB hogs at heart. You should do right by the hogs. Be the right voice for the pigs. None of this high school crap quit because you’re pissed or didn’t get your way or whatever. It just makes you look foolish. I’m just a regular member who says what she thinks and I don’t get hurt feelings if you all disagree. 🙂


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    Pamela, once seated, the Board of Directors is a powerful position. They determine the direction and health of the registry. Their duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to the direction the registry will go, how monies collected will be spent, and how the written bylaws under which they operate the registry are interpreted. Every action or in action effects every member who is invested in the Large Black whether for preservation purposes or as a breeder on their family farms. But I think you know this. Every board needs a diverse group of people to be successful. They will offer differing opinions, interpret bylaws differently and have a varied set of skills and experience to contribute. The board members who resigned where volunteers for a very long time without pay and with their own personal responsibilities often second to their time spent on registry business. They brought with them that diversity for a balanced board. As you stated you don’t know any going on’s behind the scene. To suggest that they resigned because they were pissed or didn’t get their way was beyond foolish. I hope you do think twice about who you vote for. There will be a vote soon to fill these positions. If you don’t want to see the Large Black go the way of the Alpaca it would be wise to know the candidates vision for the Large Black and their understanding of the law as it applies to non profit organizations and its board members.


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