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    I recently (Jan. 5) had a piglet in my woodland group not show up for chow. We found him dead with nothing obviously wrong with him. We have lots of hickory nuts, acorns, etc. in our woods so only idea was that he choked on a hickory nut. But recently, we came up with a more plausible idea which I wanted to share. Even though we provided this group of 13 with a shelter, they preferred to all pile up in the brush to sleep. He was the smallest and actually a lot smaller than the rest so we think he got trapped under the pile and couldn’t escape as he was trapped in the brush. So lesson learned: It might not be a good idea to put one small piglet in with a group of larger piglets, especially if they are out in the open and hog pile at night. Unfortunately, he was a special little boar that I had bought for breeding. Bummer!!
    Cyndie Phillippe

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    Sorry to hear about your boar, Cyndie.

    Mary Bowers

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