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LBHA Member List

This is a list of current LBHA members who have chosen to display their information. You can use this list to contact breeders that may have stock for sale. This list is sorted by location (state or province).

If you are a member and want your farm listed here please contact us. Please understand that you can only offer Large Black hogs for sale here. All your other farm goodies should be advertised elsewhere.

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    State: AK

    • Triple McLean Farms
      Triple McLean Farms

      First LBs ever to be born and bred in Alaska were farrowed her on our farm in Delta Junction Yesterday August25, 2011. More to soon follow and this is just the beginning of the northern LBs, they do great up here in the interior of Alaska.

      waiting list for first LBs born in Alaska, probably late spring early summer

    State: AL

    • Donald & Debbie Morgan
      Morgan Farms

      We are a very small family farm located in southeast Alabama.  Currently we raise Large Blacks, Bourbon Red turkeys, Rhode Island Red chickens, Border Collies, and Katahdin sheep.  We purchased our first large black female in 2010 which is a Charlotte.  Next we purchased our male which is a Majestic and now  we have our fourth litter.  Our fourth litter was born October 30, 2013 and will be ready for sale in mid December. 

    • Joseph and Melissa Baxley
      JMB Farms

      We are a small family farm in between Samson and Geneva, Alabama featuring Katadin Sheep, Great Pyrenees LGD's, Llamas, and Large Black Hogs.  We are breeding the Noble Sam, Majestic, Warbler, Prudence and Daisy bloodlines.  We select the best of each litter to be sold as breed stock and are actively marketing our pork products through several retailers and from the farm.  Our hogs are raised in a natural silvopasture environment and fed very minimal grain which we have custom mixed for our farm. We are Animal Welfare Approved and strive to raise our animals as nature intended.   Please contact us if you are interested in being placed on our waiting list for breed stock. 

      We are expecting two litters in May 2014.
    • bioman1963
      Hatcreek Farms

    State: AR

    • anstinefarm
    • OurGreenAcre
      Our Green Acre Farm

      Our goal is to bring awareness of this fabulous breed of hog to our friends & neighbors both near and far.  We practice selective breeding, believing that the saying "breed the best and eat the rest" is right on track.  We only sell the finest hogs for breeding.  We strive to help build a better breed, though they are pretty awesome on their own.  We currently have a Longfellow boar, Prudence, Matilda and Warbler bloodlines.  We will be selling breeding pairs in 2014.  Our animals are raised on organic practice and our farm is Certified Naturally Grown.  Please contact us with any questions.  Thanks!  Misty

    • KMG Farms
      KMG Farms

      We are currently growing our herd.  We currently have Matilda and Prudence sows and a Majestic Boar.  We have Prudence/Defender & Matilda/Defender cross piglets born on 12/2013 and 01/2014.  We will have Prudence/Majestic and Matilda/Majestic pigs born in February 2014.  Breeding pairs should be available in April.  We hope to have Daisy and Charlotte pigs in the fall or Spring 2015.

    State: BC

    State: CA

    • chrissimms

      Getting my first boar in April, looking for 2 compatible gilts

    • Alison Charter-Smith
      Madrone Coast Farm

      We are small family farm raising quality heritage meat and breeding stock in Northern California. Located in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains, our 97 acre farm is surrounded by Redwood, Madrone and Oak trees.

      Currently, we are working to increase our herd of Large Black Hogs, as we look to expand our breeding program in 2014 to include more diverse breeding lines. At present, we have a Cornish Noble Sam boar and Cornish Prudence sow line on our farm. We are a member of The Livestock Conservancy, and we are also registered breeders for Oberhasli Dairy goats and Olde English Babydoll Sheep.

      We raise our Large Black hogs on our surrounding pastures and Oak and Madrone forest, and supplement their diet with Certified organic grain (no soy or corn), organic vegetables, milk and whey from our dairy goats. We are in the process of becoming Certified Organic for our pork and Animal Welfare Approved, as we consider the welfare and health of our livestock, our highest priority.

      We only register litters with the LBHA and sell breeding stock which are conformationaly sound, have good dispositions, good parenting skills and are disease & worm resistance, and that meet all Large Black Standards of Excellence breed standards. All Large Black Hogs who do not meet all these criteria, are sold as non-registered feeder pigs.

      Update: We are expecting our 2nd litter from our Noble Sam/Prudence breeding pair in late March 2014. We expect a limited number of registered breeding stock piglets available for sale from this farrowing. Please contact us at # 831-335-7975 or alisoncs (at) madronecoastfarm (dot) com for more information.

      Follow us on Facebook

    State: CO

    • Jason Smith
      Rock Bottom Ranch

      Rock Bottom Ranch is a site of Aspen Center for Environmental Studies (ACES). The ranch is an educational destination to learn about environmental sciences and sustainable agriculture, as well as wild lands preservation and restoration.  Our working ranch produces purebred Large Black Hogs, Large Black-Tamworth crosses, sheep, chickens (laying and meat), goats, ducks, rabbits, and turkeys.  We have been breeding LB hogs for several years and our well-loved herd includes pigs from the Prudence, Majestic, Nobel Sam and Super lines. We are expanding our herd every year and have piglets (both breeding stock and meat) available year round.  All of our hogs work in a multi-species rotational grazing system on pasture and we supplement their grazing with non-GMO grain. 

    • northfork
      North Fork Heritage Pork

      Pastured organic LBH pigs raised on 40 acres in the North Fork Valley of Hotchkiss, Colorado.  Breeding stock and organic pork available year round. 

      Summer litter born 7/14/14!!! Out of Majestic boar & Matilda sow, piglets CI= 5.2%  Gilts, boars & barrows will be weaned and ready to go September  2014. Contact Kelsey for more information: # 970-640-4318

      Breeding Stock
    • sweetbrook
      Sweet Brook Farm
      We have 2 boar piglets and 1 gilt piglet available. Farrowed May 26th. The piglets are from the Noble Sam Line (our breeding boar) and Matilda Line (our breeding sow) All piglets have 16 teats and are very healthy and active. Both of the parents are Registered Large Blacks and we have Litter Certificates available for the piglets. We are selling the piglets for $350.00 each. Our hogs are pasture raised on Alfalfa and Barley, supplemented with 14 % protein feed and fresh produce along with lots of love (smile) The CI for these piglets is 7.3%. For more information, please give us a call at 970-739-6256 or e-mail us. Thanks and God Bless!
    • rexhopkins
      Hopkins Farm
    • Breen Mesa Farm
      Breen Mesa Farm

      We are located in Breen CO near Hesperus and Durango on 265 acres on the La Plata river.  We have registered Large Black Hogs which we use primarily for breeding stock and for an occasional butcher for us for meat and lard.  We also breed our Large Black boar with a number of Tamworth/Berkshire cross sows to create a really nice blend of classic pork shape and flavor of the Tamworth/Berkshire with the addition of increased lard and marbling from the Large Blacks.  We also do a small goats' raw milk herdshare (locally only) from our Saanen goats, produce a fine goat chevre' for our own personal consumption and are starting a small herd of meat and wool sheep using both registered Churro and registered hair sheep.  Connect with us via email at

    • Stephen Johnson
      Narrow Way Farm

      Raising organic hogs on 40 acres east of Colorado Springs.  Looking for a boar for our new Matilda gilt.   God bless!

    • jmeents
      Pigs on the Prairie

    State: FL

    State: GA

    • Sandra Jones
      Briar Rose Farm in Albany, Georgia

      Look us up on Facebook. Briar Rose Farm on Tarva Rd. in Albany, Ga.

      have pigs available
    • Danny Pryor
      C & J Farms

      We are a small family farm in Northwestern Georgia. We are located in the Kensington / Mountain Cove area of Walker County situated between Pigeon Mt. on the East and Lookout Mountain to the West. We are 20 miles South of Chattanooga Tn. and 16 miles East of Alabama.

      We have just started with Large Blacks. We also have Berkshire. We plan to make the Large Blacks our primary breed.

      We have two litters of pigs born July 4th and July 7th 2013.  Blood lines are Nobel Sam and Prudence/Warbler. We have 8 gilts and 2 boars available.

      Price  $275.00 each

      Look us up at

      Call: Joe Pryor 706-539-9989   E-mail

    • speskoe120
      Double AJ Farms, LLC

      Double AJ Farms, LLC is an American Grassfed Association and Animal Welfare Approved certified farm as well as a member of the Georgia Grown Initiative for sustainable products. Double AJ Farms raises and sells grassfed Hereford and Angus beef as well as pastured pork products using strictly large black hogs.  Breeding stock is occassionally available as well a bull sales by private treaty.  All of our products are humanely processed by a local USDA Animal Welfare Approved Processing facility.

    • Jeff and Sharon
      Blessed Acres Farms

      My husband and I are owned by a small farm of critters which includes our prized children, The Large blacks. We are nestled in the Northeast Georgia Mountains. In addition to the Large Black children, we also have Nubian milk goats and egg-laying chickens. We currently have Prudence and Longfellow lines, but are always looking to expand lines. We are expecting our first litters of piglets around September 1, 2014. We will update as the litters arrive.

    • jceereid1234
      Morning Glory Farm

      Established in June of 2011, Morning Glory Farm is the brainchild of couple Mark and Michelle Reid. They wanted to turn towards a self-sustaining lifestyle; raising their own meat, eggs, and produce without cruelty, hormones, or modifications. Morning Glory Farm reflects Mark and Michelle’s love of nature, animals, and wholesome all-natural food partnered with the spirit of innovation to create new methods to grow food and raise livestock. 


      Recently, Morning Glory Farm has expanded to include 130 acres. The future of this land will further Mark and Michelle Reid’s vision to provide wholesome and natural produce to their family as well as those in the surrounding communities.

    State: IA

    • Kehrli Farms
      Kehrli Farms

      Our family farm is situated in NorthEast Iowa where we focus on raising naturally sustainable and happy animals.  We raise Large Black, Red Wattle, Mangalitsa, and Berkshire hogs in addition to Belgian Blue cattle, Texel cross sheep, Muscovy ducks, and Heritage breed turkeys.  We have 40 acres of ground on the home farm and an additional 80 acres of timber where the cattle are pastured during the summer.  Our family farm spans three generations who work together towards our common goal of raising happy animals.  The youngest generation of our family represents the 4th generation to work the land and raise livestock in NorthEast Iowa.

      In order to meet our goal of producing naturally sustainable animals, our breeding stock must meet a list of stringent requirements before they are kept back to pass on their genetics to the next generation of happy animals.  A few of theses requirements include conformation, hardiness, the ability to naturally reproduce, and overall productivity.  If the animals themselves are not productive then we as a family would not be able to remain in business long enough to see the 5th generation begin to take over.

      We currently have Majestic and Super boar lines and Matilda sow lines.  Our first ultrasounds for intramuscular fat on our Large Black market stock show that these lines are truly amazing in their ability to produce a product which will be high in intramuscular fat which further results in an impeccable eating experience for the consumer.  Call or email for breeding stock availability 319-521-7135.

    • Angela & Jason Johnson
      Lucky George Farm -- LIKE US on Facebook!

      It is our pleasure to introduce you to our small family farm raising quality grass fed heritage meat in southern Iowa. We continue to add to our Large Black Hog breeder program and expect to have most of the bloodlines in North America represented on farm by the end of 2014. We offer healthy, sound pigs, breeding pairs/trios born and raised on pasture. Conformation to the British breed standard is our first priority. Second, but just as important, is lowering CIs through the selective breeding of hogs with multi-generational pedigrees. All of our breeder quality piglets must have a CI of 12% or lower to leave the farm. The vast majority of piglets bred and born at Lucky George Farm have Inbreeding Coefficients under 10%. We continue to lower our CIs as we invest in high quality breeding stock found throughout the United States. We look forward to the day when all of the piglets born on our farm are under 5% CI. 

      Lucky George Farm encourages and supports the ideals of global conservancy for the Large Black Hog as well as actively practicing rare breed stewardship. Our stock is available to buyers in the United States and internationally. Our entire herd is certified disease free and we continue to test twice a year so that our pigs can be shipped across borders. Only the best pigs of a litter will qualify as breeding stock with female feeders finished on our farm and male barrows being available for sale as feeders to the public. Purchasing a barrow feeder is a wonderful introduction to raising this breed of pig and allows you to eat your hard work!

      At present we have Charlotte, Matilda, Daisy and Prudence sow lines on farm. We are adding Warbler before the end of 2014. Our boar Manny, is a Majestic with a Daisy momma giving him a low CI. He has taken on the brunt of the breeding on the farm in 2014 covering 8 different sows. Another three boars at our farm will be fathers this year! Hawkeye is an Iowa Alrose boar and was mated with two Matildas in early summer. Tank is our Longfellow boar and has bred one of our Charlotte girls. Watson is our young Noble Sam boar and he will breed in the fall for the first time. Winston and Churchill are two Defender boars that will spreading their genetics in 2015.

      We are also very fortunate to have frozen semen from the following boar lines: Super, Iowa Alrose, Defender and Attempt. We are very excited to use our boar semen in 2014 and hopefully we can bring some fresh genetics via the Attempt bloodline currently found in the United Kingdom. Please call Angela Johnson @ 515-779-4526 to discuss your current breeding needs, our available stock, and future breedings on our farm. Leave a message with your name and phone number if she can't get to the phone.  We'll get back to you within 48 hours of your call

      We are first generation farmers who moved our family out of the city and into a better life. Hard work and sweat equity are the glue that binds us and our six children to farming. We  have embraced the use of heritage livestock on the farm with the purpose of creating a healthier future for our family and others. Raised as naturally as possible, the animals at Lucky George Farm run on pasture and swim in our pond under an extensive farming model. We let our livestock do their thing and we ask that they grow well, let us take care of them, and taste great in the end. Quality life = Quality pork!

      You can meet our pigs and talk to us at the Iowa State Fair's Avenue of Breeds Exhibit August 7-17th, 2014 and at the Mother Earth News Fair in Topeka, KS October 25-26 in the Kansas Expocentre. Our Large Black pork will also be on the menu at the Livestock Conservancy National Conference in Austin, TX on November 14-15, 2014. Join us and be a part of America's leading organization working to protect nearly 200 livestock and poultry breeds from extinction and enjoy programs on conservation, animal husbandry, food, marketing, and more. 

      We have 11 litters being born from August 1, 2014 to October 1, 2014 with the following mating pairs: Majestic/Prudence, Defender/Daisy, Longfellow/Charlotte, Iowa Alrose/Matilda, Majestic/Charlotte, and Defender/Prudence. Give us a call to be put on our contact list if you are interested in purchasing our stock.

    State: ID

    • ShawnT
      Lava Ridge Farm

      We are a small organic farm specializing in heritage breeds of pigs, goats, chickens, turkeys and ducks (so far).  After several years of research, we decided the LBH were our pigs of choice.  Have 1 gilt & 2 boar piglets left from Fall 2013 litters.  Next litters are planned for Spring 2014

      Fall 2013

    State: IL

    State: IN

    • heritagemeadowsfarm
      Heritage Meadows Farm
      Matilda, Defender, Daisy, Longfellow
    • Bstengel
      Rusty Bridge Farm

      We are a small farm in southern Indiana, raising large black hogs.  We currently have a Noble Sam boar we are breeding with a Matilda and a Charlotte Sow.

      It has been both a dream and a pleasure to raise these hogs.  We are proud to be raising this wonderful breed and also to be a part of an association that supports the integrity of the Large Blacks.

      CF Noble Sam12/3 3708. Matilda. Charolette
    • caseys naturals
      Caseys Naturals

    State: KS

    • lynnkaufman
      Underhill Farms

      Underhill Farms is located in central Kansas and is unique for a couple of reasons.  We raise Large Black Hogs, Belgian Blue Cattle and Fallow deer.  We are dedicated to the environment and to good health and that is why you will find our meat to be pure, natural, and the healthy choice.  We have breeding stock available most of the time.

      We have breeder stock available most of the time
    • Matthew Dunning
      Walnut Grove Farms
      We have 2 sows for sale, 1 Daisy and 1 Prudence. We also have 7 unregistered gilts around 100 lbs and a boar.

    State: KY

    • Cyndie Phillippe
      Old Oak Farm

      Located in far western Kentucky, west of Paducah, I have registered and unregistered LBH's.  My registered stock includes 3 boar lines (Majestic, Noble Sam & Super), and 4 gilt lines (Warbler, Matilda, Charlotte & Prudence).  I have 1 unregistered Matilda/Majestic gilt which I kept from my Christmas 2011 litter from my unregistered Matilda(Noble Sam) gilts (now sold) and my registered Majestic boar.  They all cohabitate on a small grassfed "hobby" farm with my new herd of grassfed Angus and Hereford cattle, one goat, chickens and 3 horses. After much research, this summer I sold off all my cattle except 2 and purchased cattle from grassfed genetics lines.  We added chickens (Heritage breeds, of course, Buckeyes, Light Brahmas along with a mix of Bantams) this spring.

      My registered piglets were born June 13 & 14, and all that were quality enough for breeders have been sold. My next litters are due early February so Charlotte and Matilda/Majestic crosses will be available for pick up early April. The Majestic boar is a descendent of the Wolfe lines and the gilts are from Pomeroy's at Cornish Heritage Farm. Let me know if you would like to get on the list for those piglets. 

      My unregistered Matilda/Majestic litters were born June 23. I have 9 healthy, fast-growing feeder piglets available from that cross that have been fattening up in our woods full of nuts which makes excellent pork.

      Contact me at or 270-994-3119 if you are interested in any of these piglets or have any questions.

      Updated:  January 4, 2013

      Majestic, Super & Noble Sam boars; Warbler, Charlotte, Matilda, & Prudence gilts
    • John and Jill England
      Outback Farm

      John and I live in South Central KY on a small farm with our dogs, chickens and hogs.  Duchess just had her first litter of 9.  One loss.  Sire is Majestic; Dam (Duchess) is Prudence. Availability to be announced.

      TBA; litter of 9 born July 4

    State: LA

    • Clyde Morales
      Manchac Farms

      At Manchac Farms we focus on producing and purveying heritage breed pigs in South Louisiana for the discerning pork consumer, restaurants and chefs.  We started our breed stock in 2012 with Charlotte/Super bloodlines and have added a Longfellow boar.  Current breed stock available for purchase includes two Super boars born March 2013 and July 2013 and multiple Charlotte gilts born December 2012, March 2013 and July 2013. Please contact us with any questions. (225) 252-2563.

    State: MD

    State: ME

    • Jean Rouillard
      J. & J. Rouillard & Sons

      We are located in the beautiful western foothills of Maine.  We now have 4 sow lines and 2 boar lines available.  Crossing our fingers for a 3rd boar line coming in the spring.  Sold out of pigs until spring 2014 litters - expecting 6 litters from late Feb. - late April.  We are able to sell freezer pork currently and are working on a label to sell meat through other markets.    Visit our blog on for photos and more information.  

      207-778-9050 (home)

      207-779-6594 (cell)

    • Sam-de-HogFarmer
      Mad Knight Heritage Farms

      We are a small farm located in North Yarmouth, Maine.  Our philosophies are simple;  To nurture or animals, soils and fruits and they will nurture us...Currently we have 1 Prudence SOW from Large Blacks of Maine.  Her name is Aurora and she is wonderful! We will be breeding her with our 1 year old boar from the Majestic Line. Together they have an inbreeding coefficient of 11.6!  CURRENTLY WE HAVE 2 REALLY NICE GILTS, AND 1 LONG BOAR FOR SALE - PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US AT SAMWK1@GMAIL.COM OR 1-207-829-8438 ASK FOR SAM OR BRIGITTE

      YES - AVAILABLE X-MAS 2012!!!
    • tim lee
      Lee- Side Farm

    State: MI

    • leonard sprague
      Ravenwood Farm

      We're new pig farmers and would be glad to hear your ideas and/or advice.

      We believe everyone has a right to have food that is actually good for them!

      To us that means no growth hormones, antibiotics or GMO's for our animals. 

      It also means that all animals raised for food are raised in a way that satisfies their basic needs and recognizes their unique behaviors.  Our animals have room to roam. We're feeding barley fodder and 3rd cutting alfalfa till things start to green up.

       Creating a sustainable  permaculture around our, pigs,chickens and food plots/pasture/woods is part of what we are striving for. 

       Malcolm piglets beginning Fall 2014!

      Our first Iowa Alrose Piglets will be here any day now! Malcolm piglets beginning fall 2014!
    • wilcoxheritagefarm
      Wilcox Heritage Farm

      We just got started with our Large Blacks last fall and had our first two litters born this spring.  So far we just love our Large Blacks!  

      We are expecting a Super/Prudence litter this fall.

      Our farm offerings include pasture raised pork, broilers, and organic crops.  We are obtaining our organic crop certification this year through Global Organic Alliance. One of our goals is to raise healthy, quality food for our customers and treat our animals with the best care possible.  

    State: MN

    State: MO

    • Sherry Eaves
      Old Al's Farm

       GOT GILTS?  WE DO!!  We have a few registered LB gilts, born 5/28/13, left!  These girls will be ready to go to their new homes by July 23, 2013.  More piglets are due any day now if you would like to pair up one of these gilts with a little boar.  Please visit our website, email us, or call to reserve your hog now!  We are also expecting a load of Large Black/GOS cross piglets in September.   Thank you for letting us serve you! 

      Old Al's Farm is set on 20 beautiful acres of pasture and woods on the edge of the  traffic pattern for Whiteman AFB.  We are crazy about our Large Black Hogs and are dedicated to raising them in a healthy and natural environment.     Every day, our hogs receive personal attention.  They enjoy a stress free life with a lot of human interaction which keeps them docile and friendly.  We let them forage and graze and use only non-medicated hog feed.  We have two male bloodlines, Longfellow and Majestic, and two female bloodlines, Matilda and Warbler. 

       Feel free to contact us with any questions you may think of!   (660)864-1176        Colossians 3:23

    • The Nutty Pig
      The Nutty Pig

       The Nutty Pig Farm is raising heritage hogs in the most natural way we can in the Ozarks hills of Missouri. Our registered Large Black and Red Wattle hogs are free to wander the woods and graze in the pasture. The woods have acorns,hickory and walnuts which they love.They are supplemented with natural grains with no antibiotics or hormones.See our pigs at our web site -


      We have 8 piglets born 3/19 - 6 gilts,2 boars
    • harvest_farms
    • Ranbo
      Promise Land Farm
      4 gilts at 200lbs, 2 gilts and 3 boars born 8/13

    State: MS

    • Canaan Acres
      Canaan Acres

      We are located in south Mississippi. Just a small family farm. You can visit our site at  We currently have Prudence, Charlotte and Longfellow blood lines. 

      Charlotte/Longfellow gilts, Prudence/Longfellow gilts and feeder pigs available now.
    • Jody & Brittany Reyer
      Reyer Farms

      We are a small farm located in Central Mississippi committed to sustainable living and preserving heritage breeds.  We raise Pineywoods cattle, Large Black Hogs, Heirloom tomatoes, many vegetables, strawberries, and blackberries.  Our pigs graze lush pastures, clean up seasonal vegetables from our fields and enjoy acorns in the fall and winter months.  Currently our Large Black Hogs include  Charlotte and Longfellow lines.  We expect new litters soon.  Visit us at or for more information.   

    State: MT

    • gretchen161

      Hello, Cranky Carls Farm is a small farm working to promote sustainable meats and produce. We raise poultry, pigs, produce and Heritage hogs, with an occasional cross bred litter.  We believe that not only is it possible to raise all natural foods, but an ultimate necessity for American food consumption. We have spent many hours reading and researching the unbelievable inhumane way large production farms raise meat.  Cranky Carls Farm believes that running our pigs on natural pasture and allowing them to be not only good for the pigs, but you the consumer.  Happy Pigs make great tasting natural pork.

      We also grow and are world famous for our Montana grown natural garlic.  After having take a few years off from the garlic due to a family illness, we are happy to report our newest crop is in the ground.  We anticipate a mid June/ early July harvest. Our garlic goes fast  so put in your requests asap at our website:


      We breed all year around, and usually have wieners available.   Breeding pairs or butcher pigs are available year round, depending on our farrowing production.  We are very excited to be promoting the Montana Heritage Hog website, and urge anyone interested in helping these wonderfull breeds survive to get in touch with us, what ever your needs.

      We look forward to working with you and serving the public.

      Our Motto:  Naturally Raising Good O'l American Food for you and your family

      Thank you

      Carl and Gretchen Kidwell

      CALL US ANY TIME:  406-359-1447

      year round

    State: NC

    • Chad
      Ray Family Farms

      Committed to raising black hogs on green pasture and in the shade of the Carolina woods!

      year round
    • smdavidson
      Pocket Creek Vineyard
    • rileysranchnc
      Riley's Ranch

      Riley's Ranch is a 75 acre family farm in Carthage, NC that offers registered pasture raised  Large Black Hogs for breeding stock and pork.  We are located 1 hour south of Raleigh. Nestled in the beautiful Sandhills, our animals are treated with respect and the best of care, and are never forced to live in crowded or unsanitary conditions. We are passionate about providing the healthiest environment possible for our animals, adding no hormones or antibiotics and allowing them to range freely on pasture and woodlands with access to thousands of acorns and fresh spring water.  Riley's Ranch has received Animal Welfare Approved certification.

      Our LBH bloodlines include Longfellow, Charlotte, Daisy, and Warbler.

      Email us at or call at 910-947-5512. Facebook:

    • smorehead
      Highfields Farm

    • High Cove Farm
      High Cove Farm
    • Cdcolemanfarms
    • twinoaksfarm2012

      We are located in Dunn, NC. We are a small farm with 2 gilts one is a Majestic/Daisy (6% CI)and one is Majestic/Prudence (11.8% CI) and the  boar is a Longfellow (15.5%). We just had our first litter today and what an experience.

      With this first litter we will sell some of the piglets as "breeding stock" but mainly we want to "finish" our hogs and sell for the meat. Today one of our gilt's had 19 piglets, yes 19!!! The other had 4!

      Our piglets will have very low CI percentages. 

      Our breeders are really nice looking, very pretty dark black and VERY friendly! 

      The little piglets within minutes of being born all had their eyes open and were playing. 

      Contact us if interested in the purchasing a piglet at 8 weeks old as we will only sell some of them and I feel that they will probably go fast! 

       Our pigs are free range and are supplemented with "natural" grain. Our main goal is the welfare and care of the pig, EVERYTHING else is secondary! 





    State: NE

    • Ron Chandler
      Tara Hill Farm

      I have 4 gilts and 2 boars available. $250.00 ea. 



      Boars and Gilts farrowed 11/0913 Cornish Majestic 26/5 and Cornish Prudence 25/2 1950

    State: NH

    State: NY

    State: OH

    • Triangle K Ranch
      Triangle K Ranch

      Triangle K Ranch began in 1904. It wasn't called that back then, but we Krock's have been here ever since. From mules to tractors, we have been raising quality farm products for over 100 years. Our animals are raised in a humane and sustainable manner. Our sounder of heritage  Large Black hogs will be "making the bacon" like hogs should.

      The hogs roam freely in the pasture. Maximus Pig will also go for walks with the dogs and me. Max came to us from Salt of the Earth Farm in Eastern Ohio. We have most of the female lines (Charlotte, Matilda, Prudence and Warbler) We also have acquired SaltoEarth Iowa Alrose (also known as Big Buck) Igor is shaping up to be like Max. He loves to play! We have requests for all piglets on the ground. Please request your hogs for the Spring litters.

      Our Prudence girls, Graceful Prudence 1774 and Zilly Prudence 266, are due soon as well as our Leaping Waters Charlotte 1782 who should follow in short order. These girls have been with our boar, Max (SaltoEarth  Super 284). Our Miller Bros Matilda will be having a litter near the end of June. Our Triangle K Charlotte will be having a litter by SaltoEarth Iowa Alrose in late March.

      For more information please call 567-674-2542

      We have requests for all piglets on ground. But will have more piglets this spring. Don't wait to get on the list.
    • Graceful Grazers
      Graceful Grazers

      Graceful Grazers is a small family farm located in southwest Ohio. We currently have piglets for sale and an adult breeding pair. For updates and pictures check  Graceful Grazers out on Facebook or visit our website

      For Sale: several different bloodlines, both adult hogs and piglets available. For mor info contact Gary 937.695.0669 or Julie call/text 419.966.9648
    • matthew
      Stoney Point Farm

        Currently have one registered warbler sow with piglets for sale.  Also have majestic boar and warbler guilts for sale. 

      740-962-4468 ;

    • callimoor
      Callimoor Heritage Breeds Farm

      For Sale:  1 female and 3 males born 8/27.  Majestic, Prudence, Noble Sam, Warbler bloodlines.  $350 each.   

    • Bullskin Valley Farms
      Bullskin Valley Farms

      I will be having a litter first part of March 2013  here in southern Ohio. call 513-543-2547or e-mail


    • Ward Farms
      Ward Farms

      I have Large Black Hogs registerd, unregistered and Berkshire cross.  I have a litter born march 31st 2 boars 1 gilt, 25 unregistered gilts and barrows 5 weeks old.  My Farm is in Minford which is southern Ohio call or email any time if interested prices are negotiable (740) 285-2870



    State: OK

    • Steph Nelson
      Cedar Creek Ranch

      Located in EASTERN OKLAHOMA where we raise a few LB hogs for breeding and butcher, as well as Lowline cattle, mini horses, and a few goats. Contact us at 702-544-8610 for availability of hogs.  1 gilt and 3 boars available mid-March 2012 out of Charlotte sow & Majestic boar

      Occasional piglets out of Majestic boar Matilda and Charlotte sows
    • Ron Reaves
      RR Farms

    State: OR

    • maplehollowfarm
      Maple Hollow Farm

      We are a small, family run "hobby farm" located in the Cascade foothills between Silverton Oregon and Silver Falls State Park.  Our farm was started with a goal to raise natural food for our family and provide a healthy alternative to commercially grown meats and produce for others concerned about where their family food comes from.  Although not an official certified organic farm, we pride ourselves in not using chemical sprays or fertilizers.  Our Large Black hogs are raised on pasture and an organic feed that is custom made for our farm at a local mill. 

       *3/28/13 -One gilt still available from our litter, born 2/5/2013.  Also, we are down sizing and have a breeding pair for sale that have just had a successful fifth litter.  A Majestic boar with 7.8 ci and a Prudence sow with 30.7 ci, both were born fall of 2009.  Please e-mail us or call  503 873-4174 if interested.

      spring 2013
    • Lynn and Ruth
      Craftsman Farm
    • Matt
      McKinlay Farm

    State: PA

    • Diana & Pat Somerville
      Sweet Heritage Farm
    • Casey & Jennifer Lane
      Lane's End Farm

      We started farming in 2009, beginning with chickens and large black hogs. In 2010 we had our first piglets as well as adding sheep, goats, horses, turkeys, ducks, and geese to the farm. Next litter expected September 2014.

    • Duane & Kelly Luzier
      Fur Immer Farm


      Piglets available!!!

       2 Warbler gilts  born 4/24/2014 out of Majestic sire with 9.8% CI.

      1 Defender Boar and 2 Prudence gilts born 6/8/2014 with low CI available at weaning.


      Upcoming litter arriving soon Defender/Prudence and Majestic/Warbler


       Call 814-685-3861 if interested $300 each. 

      or email





      Piglets available
    • binnieroig
      Starr Route Farm
    • Keith Abbott
      Ye Olde Hogg Farm

      I bought and old (1863 era) farmstead 4years ago and renovating it while starting my farrowing operation,and loving every minute. I have  8 newborns Born Saturday August 8 2014 Taking orders now will be ready in about 7 weeks. Also have 7 ready to go now My phone  number is 814-720-8170 please call .

      4 litters 29 little ones
    • Double EE Ranch
      Tim, Kathy or Seth

      We are a small Family Homestead operation that is specializing in naturally grown grass fed Large Black Hogs & Scottish Highland Cattle as well as various breeds of Poultry. We will also be growing Christmas Trees for sale along with the eggs as well as a few Horses for personal use.

    • Terry Irwin
      Terrys Pigtail Acres

      Lived all my life in PA. Love animals, especially pigs. Work in pig rescue, mostly with Pot Bellied Pigs but do have a couple of the larger variety(two Tamworths). Thanks to Nancy Moore of Loch Moore Farms in WV, I am looking forward to enjoying my Large Black Hog,  Miss Petunia. She is a love!

    • mikerristoltz

    State: SC

    • Rob & Helen Daugherty
      Happy Critters Ranch

      Our pigs are raised on pasture and woodlands.  If you are interested in reserving a pig send us an email.  We only sell the best pigs out of the litters to keep the breed healthy, so consequently we have a limited amount.    We are one of the few breeders that are Animal Welfare Approved.  You can go to our web site to put down a deposit or send us an email.  We have weaned pigs for sale. 

      Pigs available

    State: SD

    • Ty Dairy
      Have some that are about ready to butcher, and some breeding gilts for sale. If you are looking for a boar I can also help with that.

    State: TN

    • Mike & Maggie Shadrick
      Willowtree Farm
      Pigs for sale. We have 6 pigs for sale, 3 male, 3 female. Born 5/26/012. Majestic/Prudence Line.
    • Jeff & Karen Weesner
      Weesner Meadow

      At Weesner Meadow in Holly Springs, MS,  we grow heritage breeds of pork, lamb, turkey, duck & guinea in a natural, supportive setting. Our livestock are pastured, healthy and have room to roam.  Our LBHs have 45 acres of native pasture and forrest to forage. supplemental non-medicated feed is available in the fields. LBH Lineage is Iowa Alrose, Longfellow, Super, Prudence, Majestic. They birth in the field, in their nests or huts. Never Confined. Calm, peaceful, social. Processed at a natural facility, it is the best bacon, roasts, chops and loin and sausages in the world.

      Breeding pairs summer 2014.
    • Jim Bowers
      Bowers Farm

      Bowers Farm is located in Ethridge, Tennessee in the middle of a large Amish Community.  We humanely raise pastured registered/certified and market Large Black Hogs, Red Devon Cattle and chicken hens for eggs.  The registered Large Black Hogs are pastured, with supplemental non-GMO and non-Soy feed.  Currently we do not have any hogs for sale.   The registered Red Devon Cattle are completely grass fed/finished and receive occasional alfalfa pellet/flax seed oil treats.  Our small flock of hens are a mix of Black Australorp, Golden Comets and Rhode Island Reds (plus a few 'mutts') and are pastured with non-GMO and non-Soy supplemental feed as well.  All of the livestock at Bowers Farm are free of vaccines, hormones and antibiotics and  drink well water/cisterned rain water.  Please visit for more information.

    • Jason
      Jumpoff Mountain Farm

      100% Pasture, Woodland and Non-GMO fed Large Black Pigs. 

      Give us a call at (931) 308-2512 or email us for info.

      Taking reservations

    • fullcirclehtgefarms
      Full Circle Heritage Farms

    State: TX

    • So Tx Heritage Pork
      South Texas Heritage Pork

      Registered Large Black breeders.  Our sow lines are Charlotte and Prudence and boar lines are Super and Longfellow.  We also specialize in naturally raised heritage pork. Breeding pairs currently available. Thanks. Mark and Kelley Escobedo South Texas Heritage Pork 830-534-7993.

      Year round
    • Debra Aaron
      Piney Woods Ranch

      Weaned piglets available now (January of 2013).  Some already sold.

      Piney Woods Ranch is "Certified Naturally Grown" for livestock and produce ("Organic" - but without Uncle Sam!) and our unofficial motto is "Where the critters eat better than we do!"

      Our Breeding LBHs are Noble Sam and Charlotte lines.  Please contact us if you're looking for these bloodlines and we'll keep you informed as to developments.

      LBH - Hampshire cross weaned piglets for sale toward end of March 2013 - All organically fed.

      LBH cross pork is available for sale now (January 2013 - July 2013 or until sold out)  - ALL organically fed.

      We also offer Free-Range Certified Naturally Grown eggs from Heritage breed chickens (Dominiques, Ameraucanas, Delawares, White Leghorns) as well as limited excess chicken for meat. We're at the Winnsboro Farmers' Market April through October and sell direct from the farm year-round by appointment.

      Weaned Breeders Available January 2013 - RESERVE NOW!
    • R C D Ranch
      R C D Ranch
    • Steve
      Boons Creek Farm
      Currently for sale: 3 unregistered hogs (All Longfellow / Prudence). 2 are two year old boars and 1 boar at a year old now. I also have 1 sow which will be farrowing soon.
    • deerfeet2011
      HindsFeet Farm

      We are a  small family farm business with our Large Black Hogs, Nubian goats, Angus cross cows and laying hens, as well as raising Cornish Rock Cross meat chickens to help service our surrounding community.  We find this breed of hogs to be very active, friendly and great on grass!! They are great with our 10 children too! We now have 7 healthy piglest, 4 boars and 3 gilts, ready to be weaned, and for sale at this time that can be registered.

      Expecting piglets in May 2012!
    • Crazy 8 Acres
      Crazy 8 Acres

      Our small farm is located outside of  Coldspring, TX, just 60 miles northeast of Houston.

      Contact us (Craig and Lanae) via email or by phone at 936-767-3578 home / 936-537-1455 Lanae's cell / 281-755-4022 Craig's cell.

    • Bedford Nest
      Bedford Nest
    • Treva
      Humble Acres

      We will have registered large black piglets available throughout the year.  We will also have black wattles available as well.  Currently we have 9 pure large black piglets on the ground.  Contact us for more information.

    • movenshakefarm

    State: VA

    • erf tammy0518
      east river farm
      we are a small family farm in southwest virginia. we raise quality pastured pork, geese, and turkeys. we also have a beautiful herd of wagyu beef cattle and mid miniature jersey cows. our large black herd consists of 3 sow lines- daisy, prudence, and charlotte. we have 2 boar lines- defender and super. we are able to meet all of your breeding needs by offering breeding pairs, trios, as well as gilts or boars for your homestead. call us. we always love to talk pig!
      large black heritage hogs,bourbon red and jersey buff turkeys, miniature jersey cows, and wagyu beef cattle.
    • leapingwaters
      leaping waters farm

      Leaping Waters Farm is a 1200 acre heritage breed farm owned and operated by Alec and Sarah Bradford in Southwest Virginia.  Alec grew up working a cow/calf operation in Middle Tennessee and has been a professional farmer in his own right for nearly a decade.  Sarah is a Family Doctor who delivers babies at the NRV Medical center in Radford, Virginia.

      We have 8 sows and 2 boars
    • Kirsten Pankratz
      Poplar Spring Farm, LLC
      PIGLETS FOR SALE. We just has Prudence/Super piglets born-June 19, 2014. $300. each for registered piglets. IF YOU WANT A BOAR PIGLET LET US KNOW ASAP BEFORE WE TURN THEM INTO BARROWS! For more info check out our Facebook page at or give us a call (434) 476-7256
    • jstamper
      Foxtail Farm

    State: VT

    • Sullivan Kevin & Zach
      Otter Creek Heritage Farm

      We have 5 gilts and 1 boar for sale $350 each. They will be ready for pickup on june 2 2012

      We have 5 gilts and 1 boar for sale $350 each. They will be ready for pickup on june 2 2012

    State: WA

    • tallislandgirl
      The Loose Duck Ranch

      Small farm on Whidbey Island, in the Puget Sound.

    • Aaron Houk
      Stoney Falls Farm
      I have sold all my stock and am no longer in the pig business.
      My breeding stock stayed local.  Contact Laura Price for piglets at
    • Bobby Lowe
      Lowe Family Farm

      Our Next litter will be available Late Summer or early Fall of 2014. We are located in Snohomish County, WA. Call Bobby @ 425-327-7248. We are able to ship across the country. 

    • Dan Spratlen
      Homestead Fruit Orchard

      I now have Tall Island Girls Breeding pair, Betty and Bob. Betty is Due around the 8th of August, 2014. I'm taking deposits for her latest litter.


    State: WI

    • Harvey Work
      Carlena Farms

      We are serious breeders of Heritage Hogs on a pasture based farm in the beautiful hills of Eden, Wisconsin.  We normally have an inventory of Large Black pigs of all ages.  In Spring of 2013 we will have both piglets - Noble Sam sire, Prudence and Matilda sows, and will be breeding gilts to sell as bred gilts.   We deliver across the nation.   Call 920-579-1544

    • Jason and Melissa Smith
      Pasture Prime Farm

      Our pastures are alive with the sound of grazing!  

      Our FIRST registered litter is on the ground!!!  We are so excited, and we are pleased at what a wonderful mother we have!  Beautiful piglets!  We will know what will be available for breeding in the next two weeks.  Lineage is Noble Sam/Warbler.  If  you are looking for great mothering qualities, which is our number 1 than you are at the right place.  

        Also available are two purebred breeding gilts.  Also out of a great mother, and are very nice.  14 teats for both of these girls. 

      Last, but not least for sale is a LB/TamX three-year-old sow, bred to a Super boar.  Two of her four litters have yielded 12 piglets.  She would be a great addition if you would like to raise your own feeders!

      Wisconsin is beautiful this time of year and the festivals are endless!  Turn hog buying into a mini-vacation!  Farm visits welcome and encouraged. 



    • Jared & Leslie Gallagher
      Foxfire Farm

      Foxfire Farm is a hobby farm located in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. We are extremely excited about being a part of the breeding program for the LBHA and take it very seriously. Sustaining and improving the genetics and educating others about these wonderful animals is our ultimate goal. Tamworth/LB feeders also available. Be sure to view our website for a complete and updated stock inventory. Noble Sam, Prudence, and Majestic lines. Piglets just born 6-26-14. 5 gilts and 3 boars available. 630-205-0016 or 715-453-1314



      July 2012
    • Dorothy's Grange
      Dorothy's Grange

      Veggie head to porker...  Realizing how well pigs fit into the farming circle!

      I feel it is important to keep diversity in our diet (and planet) and have a relationship with the food that nourishes us. Our pigs are on a strict NO GMO diet. They are pastured, given veggies, and organic grain rations.  One of goals is to get them off the corn and soy, even though we purchase organic.  We are not certified organic. We raised a few LBs and GOS's in 2011.  Fell in love and are expanding and exploring these lovely creatures some more. We have Majestic-Warbler gilt and Super-Prudence boar for a  breeding pair. We  an addition registered/registerable female.  Ideally we could trade weaner gilts with someone that has a different line, so we can breed her to our Super-Prudence boar.

      We have a due date of March 9th 2013. We hope to have a register-able gilt to trade at that time.  We'll also should have feeders and perhaps a register-able boar.  Also we have a  GOS gilt and will be selling some  LB/GOS feeders from her.

       Please let us know if you would be willing to trade (a) young gilt(s) with us.

      Feeders on the way March 9 2013

      We are in SW Wisconsin


    • NorthernMarsh
      Northern Marsh Farms
      October 2014

    State: WV

    • Currey Farm
      Currey Farms
    • lmfarms
      Loch Moore Farms, LLC

      Farm located in the Potomac Highlands, Maysville West Virginia.  Offering Highland Cattle breeding stock; Highland/Highland cross grass fed/natural finish beef; Large Black Hog breeding stock; Large Black Hog/LBH/Tamworth cross feeder pigs.  Also we raise and sell Suffock cross lambs, free range chickens/eggs.


      Currently available 5 gilts remaining from our 6/10/11 litter.  This was a big beautiful litter, price per gilt is $300.  Prudence/Majestic bloodline.  Next litters we will be able to offer breeding pairs, we have introduced Charlotte and Super into our breeding stock.  call me at 304-482-4005.  Thanks, Nancy

    • Horse Fork Farm
      Horse Fork Farm
      West Virginia

      Farming in WV and practicing old ways...

      none yet

    State: Unknown