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July 2009

Can I Raise Pigs?

23.07.2009 in post

This is a question we get all the time from people considering whether to raise their own pork. It is natural to think that raising pigs is hard, or that it takes a special building or constant care. The truth is that pigs are one...


How To Select a Breeding Pair

20.07.2009 in post

Our herd book software can provide a valuable tool in determining the best match for any registered pig.  The LBHA can take any two pigs and prepare a proposed inbred coefficient for the cross from those two particular animals.  ...

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It’s All About the Pork!

19.07.2009 in post

The large blacks are such beautiful, intelligent, and entertaining creatures that we sometime forget why we raise them. It’s for the pork! If not for the pork, they would just be pets. ...

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