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    The single most common thing that delays registrations is a lack of supporting documents. This frustrates your customers to no end for me to tell them that I can’t register their new pigs without the proper paperwork. And it is usually the fault of the seller for not providing it to their customers.

    When you sell a piglet that is to be registered by your customer you must give them a copy of the litter certificate, signed by you and showing which piglet they received. If you apply for your litter certificate when the piglets are three to four weeks old and provide me with all of the necessary information there is no reason why you should not have it ready when your customer comes to pick up the piglet. Please give it to them and let them know they have to mail it to us when they apply online for their registration. If you wait too long you will have to mail it to them later, only adding to your customer’s dissatisfaction.

    Same thing when you sell a hog that has already been registered. You must give your customer the original registration certificate as they need to mail it to us. This is the best way that we can know the hog has been properly registered. if you have an LBHA registration there is a place on the back for you to indicate the sale and sign; this let me know that the hog has been transferred to a new owner.

    I often get registration applications that say “you have the Litter Certificate”. No, I don’t. The breeder gets that and it must be properly used to later register the piglets. The only exception is when the breeder registers the piglets themselves.

    Please help me get the process done in a timely manner by following the instructions on our website. Thanks!

    Brian Wright

    Secretary and Registrar

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    AvatarCorrine Smith

    This is not clear on the hog registration Faq. When I asked for the registration transfer through the website it asks for supporting documentation and I scanned the copy of the registration and filled in the appropriate information.

    I also emailed you telling you what I did and got no reply from the email or my online registration……..I assume I will eventually hear that I did not complete the process as required.

    I also want to add that the registration paper I got from you was a emailed PDF so is this considered an original……if so why cant a scanned PDF with proper signatures sent to you be adequate. Do I need to send you the copy I got from the past owner?

    From what I understand this process is supposed to more steamlined that in the past. I’m not getting that feeling right now. I had a great deal of difficulty registering the last sow with you.

    This boar Im trying to get transfered to me is registered as the sire to a litter that was registered through LBHA….


    Don and Corrine Smith

    Wanna Farm

    Erving Mass

    LBHA Member

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    You raise several points and while most are directed towards the Registrar and he is more than capable of speaking for himself, please let me add my two cents worth.

    1) The FAQ is not clear.

    I’ve just taken a look at the FAQ and the process seems fairly clear to me. However, I know what the process should be so maybe what I think is clear is not to someone else. If you have any suggestions for improvements we can make to the FAQs so that anyone else is not confused by them, please let us know. We are always happy to receive constructive criticism from our members and anything that helps one helps everyone!

    2) No email reply.

    All of the forms online **should** generate an automatic email reply when you use them. If you don’t have any reply then something has not worked properly. Believe it or not one of the most common complaints on **any** website is that the owner has not responded to an email or order. The usual cause of the problem? The submit button was not pressed. I’m not saying that was the problem in this case, just that it is all too common all over the web (I used to run an online store with thousands of orders so believe me I’ve troubleshooted a few of these issues). If you have no email reply, please feel free to follow up with a subsequent email directed to the registrar. If you have no reply then feel free to email me.

    Also make sure you check your ‘Junk’ folder to see if any LBHA email has gone there by mistake. Usually adding LBHA to your email contacts will ensure emails from us are not ‘junked’.

    3) Emailed PDF from LBHA

    The emailed version of the registration certificate is not the official document. You will receive a paper copy in the mail and that is the official one. There has been a delay in sending out paper copies for over a month now because we were waiting to put the new logo on them. Now we have the new logo the backlogged certificates are being printed and mailed.

    4) Emailed PDF from you

    According to the FAQs you should mail in original registration certificates when transferring ownership. This is common practice for all registries and allows us to ‘weed out’ fraudulent applications (yes we do get them!) Sending a scanned copy of the document doesn’t hurt anything, but the original still needs to be sent.

    5) More streamlined process

    The streamlining process is still underway. A lot of the changes are behind the scenes at the moment, but the time it takes to perform the registration process has been cut. We are still working on the ‘front end’ changes that will be more visible to the general membership. Please bear with us while we make those changes. Frankly most of the coding changes necessary are down to one person to make (i.e. me) and my time is limited. Anyone want to put up my fencing for me for a few weeks so that I can spend full time developing the website? LOL! (just kidding)

    Just to recap. Moving websites, changing logos, updating processes and other tasks have all delayed registration paperwork. We have a ways to go and we will always have things we can learn to improve. So please bear with us and do as you have done by keeping us informed of any issues. We always appreciate any constructive suggestions the membership has.



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    AvatarCorrine Smith

    Hi Richard

    Yes it might seem clear if it weren’t for my experience with the LBHA so far I am finding it very inconsistent and find the process and website confusing. From what I understand it will be improving.

    I can see where to send a check I would not assume however that the registration papers would be sent to the Treasurer which is the only address I could see. I’m assuming that the address to send the original registration is on line but I cant’t find it? I assume that will be the registrar this isn’t listed in the FAQ

    The online form for registration asks for supporting documentation and allows 3 uploads, I would have assumed that the registration is supporting documentation. Maybe you should clarify “Supporting Documentation”

    After repeated emails to Brian when registering our sow early this year, he finally emailed me a PDF of the registration, that was on June 15th. I still have not received a copy in the mail: therefore I assumed the PDF was my registration paper and that I could send you the registration in the same format ….as a PDF.

    I emailed Brian hoping he would clarify that I was doing what I need to do with the boar we just purchased and still have not received a response.

    And finally yes I did receive the auto response that I had filled out the online form.

    Thank you

    Don Smith

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    Sorry that you have found our process confusing. We’ve tried to make things easy for everyone but I can see where you would have misunderstood. I’ve temporarily taken all of the forms down so that I can make sure they are more easy to understand and it is easier to follow the process.

    On June 18th I sent an electronic copy of the registration for *0457 and mailed it out the same day. I’ll print a new one and mail it to you in the next few days. I did not receive any other email from you until November 14th when I received the registration request for the hog you bought from Ted. That form did not have any attachments.

    Right now I’m waiting for the original registration form that you should have received from Ted. You need to mail it to the address listed (Dave Dalan). Once he has it he will scan it into our shared folder. You also mentioned that you sent a check for the fee to Dave; I’ll process your latest registration request once I have confirmed that we have received the original registration form and payment has cleared.

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    AvatarCorrine Smith

    Thank you Brian we’ll send it out today or tomorrow.


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