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    I have three gilts with a boar. They were all born early July 2014. Today is about one year later and they have all grown up together. Also, I am new to pigs and chose the Large Black based on recommendations. I am loving it so far!!

    Anyhow, I am curious if the ladies are pregnant. I have been watching their Clitoral hoods and have noticed them horizontal instead of pointing down. Also, their breasts have changed in the last week or so.

    First Pig

    Second Pig




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    Member: WI NorthernMarshNorthernMarsh

    I’ve found the “pregnancy switch” to be unreliable with the Large Blacks.

    That said, it sure looks like she’s developing the baby line along the abdomen. I would guess she’s bred

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    Thank you! I will reply back when she has her piglets.

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    Member: Ohio RegistrarRegistrar

    Another “indicator” to watch is her teats. With my girls, I have noticed that when she gets up from lying down, her teats are not smooshed (technical term) to her belly. You will see that some teats are plastered to the belly from lying down and then others tend to be more erect. It is the erectness of the teat that is an indicator for me. Also, the keyhole effect. An old fashioned skeleton keyhole is what I mean. If you can picture that keyhole upside down, then look at your gilt/sow head on, you will notice the rounding of the belly similar to the bulb of the keyhole. I have noticed it as early as a month into the pregnancy. Her behavior may change too. I have a few girls who are just not very cuddly when not pregnant and a week after being with a boar, they turn into the biggest cuddlebugs. (another technical term)

    We have a Prudence sow who would be on the cull list if she didn’t produce such beautiful piglets simply because of her attitude. She is the first to come in for feed in the evening and doesn’t care who she pushes out of the way to get there. She is rather large as well which is a bit intimidating, BUT when she is pregnant, she is the sweetest lady. All I have to do with her is tell her to stay put and she stops and waits until I say ok and touch her back, but this is ONLY when she is pregnant. Another of our ladies whines like a little child when she is pregnant. She is our biggest sow.

    The most sure-fire way to tell if your gilt/sow is pregnant is an ultrasound. Our vet ultrasounds many of our girls if we have a question of whether they are pregnant or not. It is not an expensive procedure. I generally take them in and draw a crowd. One of our vet techs even has our piglet as her “selfie” profile picture on their website. Makes me giggle.

    Hope this helps,
    Happy Hogging!

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