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    Member: IA luckygeorgefarmluckygeorgefarm

    Hey all! I was wondering if anyone is looking to go to Austin, TX in November to the Livestock Conservancy National Conference. So far, looks like there will be at least 3 Large Black breeders there: Misty Langdon of Our Green Acres, Alison Charter-Smith of Madrone Coast Farm, and myself Angela Johnson of Lucky George Farm.

    I think it would be fun and neat to get to hang out with LB folks at the conference while we learn how to conserve our breed of choice. The website for the Conservancy is and it is an amazing event. I went last year in North Carolina. I attended presentations concerning pasture pork, marketing heritage breeds, the effects of inbreeding in limited population livestock, and pre-conference programming on Agritourism. It has really helped my husband and I think and plan our farm activities.

    This year we did something special. We donated a barrow to be served at the conference meals. It was a highlight to eat a variety of rare breeds prepared by chefs through out the conference. This year conference attendees will be eating pasture raised and grassfed Large Black. Mmmmmmm good!

    Would love to know if anyone else from the Association might be joining in the fun!

    Angela Johnson
    Lucky George Farm

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    Member: CA Alison Charter-SmithAlison Charter-Smith

    Hi Angela, and other LBHA members,

    Thanks for posting this, and promoting this very important conference to give visibility for our LB’s. Angela, and anyone else on the current Board, would you be interested in helping me creating a Poster on the LBHA to promote the LB’s at the Livestock Conservancy Conference? Especially with LB pork being served at one of the dinners (thank you to Angela), it would be a great conference to promote our breed.

    Here’s the information regarding creating and submitting a Poster –

    I would be willing to help take the lead on this project, just need some help from other LB members (even if you don’t plan on attending this conference) on providing pictures, adding information about the club and the breed, and I would also love to also include any pamphlets about the LBHA club and/or the benefits of LB pork as hand-outs. Do we have anything like this already created, or someone who can help me add the content to create one?


    Alison Charter-Smith
    Madrone Coast Farm
    Felton, CA

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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