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    Would love to hear how everyone moves their hogs. I know they don’t like change very much. Our ‘fencing’ is electric 9-wire which takes them a bit of time to cross after they realize it is not there and that could be some of the problem. We’ve had easy moves and ones where the hog just didn’t want to go!


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    We have some that will go anywhere for food and they are the easy ones to move. Otherwise we just hitch up the 16′ trailer and then load them up. Most of ours will jump in the back of the trailer as soon as they see it because they know it means food! The one that didn’t do that we pushed in with a cattle panel behind her.

    Trailer training for the more distant moves or the more difficult ones is a definite must!


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    I will also add to that, that most times, unless we are using the electric netting, we create a gate in the electric fencing. What I mean by that is using the white or yellow gate fasteners so easy to undo bu still keeps the wire connected when in use. This way the pigs will see that the wire is down & will eventually venture across. Creating gates also makes is easier for us to access as we normally have 3 wires up so it is suitable for cows & sheep as well.


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    I will add that we trained our hogs when they were piglets to follow us and go on walks (if we choose) like a dog. We did this by intensive human contact when they came to us (mainly our boar and oldest sows), also we used food rewards.

    Now, to move the hogs to the back 40, we talk to the boar or the older sows and they walk with us to wherever we need to go. The younger pigs follow the older ones and eventually learn to come when called by name.

    For moving when they do not WANT to move inside the barn, we create a narrow pathway via hog panels, gates and plywood to give them no other choice than to go where we want them to. If we have a terribly unhappy customer, we will put a bucket on his head and back him (generally it’s the boars that have issues) wherever we need to go (usually into the trailer) This is less stressful then chasing them around and arguing with the little guys.

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