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    My 3-1/2 year old boar died of no apparent reason. I went out to check on him and he was dead. I just read about the cherry tree problem, and we do have cherry trees on our farm, but I don’t think there are any in that pasture. I need to go out and double check as I have 2 new boars in that pasture now. I know from having raised cows for numerous years that cattle can die from eating wilted cherry tree leaves. So a downed or felled tree has to be removed immediately if the cattle are nearby. But it sounds like cherry trees pose more hazards for pigs other than wilted leaves.

    What are some other possible reasons for his death? There were no signs of any wounds or problems.

    Cyndie Phillippe

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    Member: MO chhogschhogs

    Oh goodness! SO sorry to hear this Cyndie. Cherry Tree leaves can cause death but in our experience it is rarely sudden. We lost several out of a litter earlier this summer when they ate some of the berries but they came down with symptoms before actually dying.

    Unless you do an autopsy you may never know. Heart Attack? Heat Stroke which is unlikely this time of year but it has been warm here these last couple days so that could have something to do with it. Has he been eating normally the last couple days?


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    He had been eating normally and looking fine. But I have a high schooler and my sons who help me with feeding and they are not always the most observant. So as far as I know it was fairly quick with no observable obvious symptoms.

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