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    I am new to the LB breed, and purchased 1 registered boar and 2 sows late last year. The boar has been normal until a few days ago, when he started swaying back and forth before stumbling to one side, ultimately falling on his side. He stayed there for a few moments twitching, then eventually got up on his own. He seems better now and hasn’t fallen again, although he is still weaker than normal and seems “tipsy”. He is still eating and drinking, but is lethargic even with food in front of him. A couple of days after this happened, he did something else strange, holding his head cocked to one side and shaking his head/flapping his ears. We feed them hay, a grain/mineral mix, and our kitchen scraps. The two sows in the same pen have shown no abnormal signs at all. Anybody have any ideas or experience with this sort of behavior/symptom in their hogs? Thanks for your help!

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    maybe too much time has passed but this is my share…
    We have one of our large black feeder pigs have an ear funk that threw off his balance. At first we thought he broke an ankle cause he could stand. And he did throw up. After really watching him, I figured out it was his ears, there was a smell coming from his ear and he did the shaking and tilting head thing. I washed the ears out with unfiltered apple cider vinegar (ACV) and fed him coconut oil and garlic for about a week. I think I put some coconut oil in his ear with some neem too. I did call the vet and she said what I was doing was good especially the ACV and antibiotic-like garlic . the ACV was used for about 5 days and then all was better.

    hope this helps.

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