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    Member: GA Bob HaylesBob Hayles

    Newbie here…bought my LBHs April 28 of last year when they were 2 months old, and now they are a year old, ready to breed. I am purchasing a boar that was born on August 7 of last year, and I pick him up the day after tomorrow.

    I’ve been doing a LOT of reading/studying, and everything I see saays a boar’s service life is 2 years, or 3 at the most. I’m finding this on most sites a Google search leads me to, but they are all commercial pig related.

    So…how long IS the service life of a LBH boar, servicing two sows, in a small landowner, pasture raised situation?

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    Member: WI NorthernMarshNorthernMarsh

    Until he can’t any more.

    I know that’s not the answer you were looking for, but, there are a lot of variables involved. I’ve talked to people who’ve had boars start to fail at 3 years and people who’ve bred boars that are 8+. Genetics, overall health (body condition, joints, etc), feed quality, injuries, etc all play a part in the longevity of your boar.

    My boar is going on 3 years old and is still very much in his prime.

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    Member: GA Bob HaylesBob Hayles

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Followup…define “until he can’t”. Do you mean physically cannot mount the sow, or are we talking fertility “can’t”?

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    One has to watch the size differential of the boar and any gilts that you buy in to breed. A large boar cannot be used to breed a gilt.

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