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    Does anyone have experience with raising intact LBH boars for meat? On other discussion lists I have been on, the topic of boar taint can be extremely volatile, with some people swearing you can’t ever raise good pork from a boar and others never cutting their boars and getting gourmet pork as a result. My understanding is that breed can make difference as can management. We recently butchered a 6 year old Tamworth boar, after isolating him from the females for 2 weeks, and the sausage was excellent, with not a trace of boar taint. So what do people say about raising LBH boars intact for meat?

    David Belding
    Cross Island Farms

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    Tara Stottlemyer

    We just had a pig roast with a LBH boar that was about 6 months old. He was not around any females the last few weeks of his life. The meat was AMAZING! He was 180 hanging weight….way bigger than we planned! His brothers who are cut are much smaller than him.

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