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    Have any of you ever kept 2 boars together? I have Boris, my 1 1/2 yr old guy, and Pongo, a 7 month old boar and was wondering if a person could put them in the same pen? Boris is very mellow but I’ve never even had him across the fence from another full male. Any experience out there in this instance?

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    Steph, boars will do fine together if they don’t have anything to compete over (there aren’t any sows in the same pen or next door and they each have easy access to feed and water). A boar only herd works as well as any because they are social animals and like companionship. The fighting happens if there is something to fight over.

    We have several boars, both LB and GOS, and they do fine together. The only time I’ve had a boar injure another was when I had two similarly sized boars together with a sow herd (I tried this with my pork herd because I mistakenly thought I needed two boars to serve all the sows).

    I keep all of my boars together when they aren’t actively breeding. But I keep them fairly far away from the sow herds and the maternity paddock. When it’s time to breed I put the right sow(s) with the right boar (singular) until mating is done. Then the boar goes back with the bachelors.

    Just make sure each boar can eat and drink without crowding the other and all should be fine.

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    I have always kept my bulls and pony studs like that so kind of figured that would work but I wanted some other opinions first! I really don’t want to have to break up a boar fight – imagine that is pretty ugly. 🙁 Thanks for the info!

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    Member: MO chhogschhogs

    I know Brian keeps all his boars together with great success but I have also heard some horror stories so PLEASE PLEASE be careful. That mature boar could kill your young boar.

    We have had some boars living together amicably with females around them but that is unusual & the girls were already bred. We also know which boars it will work with. I would not dream of putting some of my mature LB boars together – they would damage each other significantly. Just like kids, each boar is different & needs to be treated as such.

    IF you do try this make sure you are extremely vigilant for the first few days.

    Liz – Missouri

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    Member: GA AvatarHillcrest Farms

    It can be done. We have kept all of them together and separate. For us, separate works better. We have a breeding pasture that is divided up for each boar to have his own area with plenty of food, water, shelter and ladies. We rotate the girls in and out so no one is alone and everyone is happy. We have found this to be easier and a lot less stressful for our younger/smaller boars.

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