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    Member: WI AvatarPeter Gasper

    I want to know what weight to butcher my large black pigs at. Now a lot of people say ‘butcher at x’ weight, because that is what they’ve always done, for no known reason, and often to the detriment of pork quality. So I’ll ask it a few different ways so you get what I’m getting at.

    What is the best weight to butcher large black hogs at for a good quality carcass?
    How does the carcass quality differ at different weights?
    How heavy do they need to be for good quality bacon (i.e. 50:50 fat:lean)? How is the bacon on the LB? At what weight does does the bacon start to be too fatty?
    Does this breed get marbling in the meat (i.e. chops, ham, etc)? If so, what weight is needed to achieve that?
    Above what weight do they tend to just put on lard?
    At what point will the meat start getting tough?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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