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    Member: WA BobbyBobby

    We have a four year old boar that we have to get rid of because we will be moving. He still breeds, but we haven’t had luck finding another home. He’s been in a pasture his whole life and has always been fed quality organic feed. I’ve read differing opinions on the potential of “boar taint.” He is currently separated from our sow, but has been in the same pasture as her for his whole life. Who has experience with butchering this old of a boar? Were there any issues with the smell or taste? Any help would be appreciated.


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    Member: Ohio RegistrarRegistrar

    I haven’t ever butchered an older boar. I have butchered one that was a year and a half (kept away from girls) and he was fine. One of the things I have heard is he will taste as he smells. So, when he is clean take a good whiff of him.

    There are ways to deal with the stronger flavor of a boar by turning him into pepperoni, summer sausage and salami for an idea. I hope this gives you hope. 🙂
    Happy Hogging!

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    Member: PA Duane & Kelly LuzierDuane & Kelly Luzier

    We took a 6.5 year old intact breeding boar to butcher a few months back. He had been kept from the sows for 3 months prior to his “retirement”. The butcher thought that he detected the scent of boar taint while alive but after butchering the scent was not detected in the meat. We do keep our breeders on the lean side – more fat may cause more taint. We smoked the majority to use as pulled pork, the remainder was ground and made into sausage and brats. No boar taint taste or smell when cooking. We did this because of him being an older boar and cutting into individual chops, etc would result in a tougher meat which is what happened with this boar’s sire years back.

    PS – we smoked the testicles for 4 hours and it is one of the best tasting delicacies you could ask for! Honest!

    Duane & Kelly Luzier

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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