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    Member: North Dakota AvatarNathaniel Pierce

    I bought a boar and two full sister gilts. I just got the registration papers. When I enter their registration numbers into the calculator to see what the results are, I keep getting “not found”. Am I doing something wrong?

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    Duane & Kelly LuzierKelly Luzier

    When you get to the CI screen there is a stop sign that says that the page that says to “click here” for hogs that are in the database. On that second page you need to enter the full name of the hog from your registration. If you have a litter certificate the hog is not yet in the database and you can either ask for a manual calculation or you can use the “grandparent” calculation. Hoping
    This info helps.

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    Member: IN heritagemeadowsfarmheritagemeadowsfarm


    You need to enter the whole registration just not the number, such as H.M. Farm Matilda 3/3 3355. It is case sensitive but as you type it in a drop down will pop up which will update closer to your animal as you type it in.

    Alan McKamey

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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