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    General questions here…Are the CI percentages used by the LBHA for 8, 16, 24, or 32 maximum generations? I want to make sure that I am calculating these correctly. Also, what is the “rule of thumb” for required, desired, and excellent CI%s in the United States? Are they used as a factor for folks buying hogs for meat as well as breeding? Does a lower CI make one hog more valuable than another hog in the whole scheme of things?

    I understand that everyone has their own thoughts around breeding here in the States and I would love to know the value you place on CI in looking for hogs. Abroad it is a factor in the purchase and future use of LBH but confirmation is a main driver for breeding/not breeding one hog over another.

    Would love to know your thoughts and get a better understanding of how CI is used in the States.

    Thank you,

    Angela Johnson
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    Derby, IA
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    Member: IA luckygeorgefarmluckygeorgefarm

    FYI–I have read the information posted in the Blog on inbreeding but still have the oringinal posted questions.


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    There are 2 schools of thought in the U.S. on using CI. One thinks you should keep the number low, but others think it is not an issue and we should line breed to concentrate the good genetics. I lean towards the second view. LBHs have bloodlines. Those bloodlines are rendered meaningless if everyone is constantly mixing up the genetics. Also, the goal should be a good producing pig with good traits and conformation. As long as you have that, the CI doesn’t matter. By line breeding, which is also used in other livestock such as cows, the good genes are concentrated and the “junk” is removed. This provides breeding stock that gives consistent results. If your gene pool is constantly remixed, the offspring is inconsistent and you won’t have dependable results. For example, the Wolfe’s did a lot of work with the Prudence and Majestic lines, line breeding and culling heavily. Now those lines have a very good reputation for being good breeding stock. You want a good concentration of the best genes for reliable consistent breeding.

    That’s my 2 cents. 😎
    Cyndie Phillippe, Old Oak Farm,,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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