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    I am a brand new member and proud owner of my first Large Black Hog. I live in an area with a large amount of feral hogs. I fear that if my sow was to ever get out of her pasture that she would not be recognized as livestock and could easily be shot. We live near a river bottom where a lot of people hunt.

    So, does anyone use collars or have ideas for identifying my hog as a pet? I tried the plastic chain collars that I use on my calves, but they do not work because her neck is so large, yet when she bends her head down it slips off.

    Thanks in advance!

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    LOL! That is a great question & sadly we have heard of hunters shooting the Large Blacks 🙁 The Large Blacks are good respecters of electric fence so my advice would be to train your pigs to electric fence from the start they should stay behind it. With feral pigs in the area it is absolutely vital that your perimeter fence is secure as once your sow comes into heat the feral boars will try to get in if your fence is not secure. HOT electric is the best way!

    All the best,


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    Avatarjean rouillard

    we have hunters in our area too and although they are to get permission to hunt our land they often don’t . we had hunters think they saw an albino deer in our field when it was our great pyrenees dog when we had him. We have posted the perimeter of our pasture with signs indicating there is livestock in the pastures and woods. I worry people think they are seeing black bears when they come across the hogs. Signs are the only way I could think of as a way to alert anyone walking in the areas surrounding our farm. So far so good! Sincerely, Jean Rouillard

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    With feral pigs being a HUGE problem a good welded wire plus electric was the only thing that worked for me . If my boar was away from the sows when they went into heat the electric fence was no match !!!

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