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    Member: Colorado Sweet-BrookSweet-Brook

    It’s fall and I was wondering what others were putting down for a cover crop.
    I put down barley and white/red clover @ 25lbs an acre. To our hogs it is like candy, they will do whatever they can to get to it! The weather has been perfect for germinating the seeds and with the rains this year stuff is growing fast. Last year I did the same but did Alfalfa (a purple flower) however that did not come up until spring which worked out good. The clover seems to really last into the colder months and is very prolific in the spring and late summer, I can’t recall the varieties but I believe it is 20% protein for horse pastures.

    Sweet Brook Farm
    Dolores, Colorado

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    Member: WI jmcs_3jmcs_3

    Great question! We are north in Wisconsin, and haven’t done any cover crops in the fall. I am sure my husband will be thinking about this long and hard now! We usually do our planting in the spring. We have three small pastures around our farrowing barn, these get ripped up a lot especially with a wet spring. Rather than planting expensive perennials that won’t have a chance, we opted to plant oats and peas. This worked great the oats came up they ate that while the pea pods had time to develop. The seeds were reasonable and it worked great, plus the babies loved the peas! Thanks again, we love talking pastures!
    Melissa Smith
    Pasture Prime Farm

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    Member: WI jmcs_3jmcs_3

    Have you Dolores, or anyone out there tried Rape?

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    Member: Colorado Sweet-BrookSweet-Brook

    I have not tried rape seed, I think it would do good here and the hogs would love it since it is an oily seed. I have looked at doing “chuffa” which is another name for “Nut-sedge”. I do need to be careful as I would not want it getting into my neighbors fields, which is why I have only put down the barley, alfalfa, and clover.

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    Member: WV AvatarHickory Glen Farm

    I’m planting alfalfa, buckwheat, oats, and clover. I’ve never planted a cover for the hogs so I’m hoping this works.

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    Do be careful in what you plant, nut sedge is highly invasive at least here in Missouri. Many plants have been introduced as “really good animal feed” and have turned out 20 years layer to be invasive. (Think basically any invasive plant, whether for wildlife use or livestock. Some Missouri examples are Johnson grass (cattle), autumn olive and multiflora rose (wildlife/birds). As good stewards of the land we need to not cultivate invasive species just to feed our animals. As there are too many native species that provide the same or better nutrition.

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