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    Member: AK AvatarTriple McLean Farms

    Was wondering if this has happened to anybody else before and what might have caused it. I found my 4 month old gilt dead for no apparent reason the evening before last. She was fine that morning and her brother is still doing good. Was thinking maybe it was one of those freak things, maybe she was snuggling in the straw and one of the adults could of laid on here head maybe? Very dissapointing, have no explanation as to why it happened and was curious if ay other members have had anything similar happen with a pig this age. Any thoughts and comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Brandy L McLean

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    Member: MO chhogschhogs

    Hmm.. that is rough. We had a 5mth old do that a few weeks ago. She was off her food the day before so we tried to encourage her to eat by giving her scrambled eggs but she was not interested. Was dead by the next morning. The rest of the pigs in her pasture are absolutely fine.

    Did you change her food? Sometimes with us, our feed seems to be different each time we pick up a load even though we order the same thing. Once in a while the pigs will get the runs right after we have a fresh load in – seems to take them a while to adjust.

    Sorry I can’t be of any better help.



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    AvatarDiana Somerville

    We had a similar thing happen this summer. One of our gilts was very lissless and not eating. We had the vet come out and he thought she had ulcers in her stomach. He administered some antibiotics and told me to offer her a soft diet (eggs, bread, apples, etc.) until she was back to normal. The next morning she seemed to be doing better but that evening she died. He warned me that by the time you know a pig is sick, it might be too late to adminster any medicine or medical help. The one thing he advised was to be sure the pigs feed is moist and to avoid feeding finely ground dry food. We have been wetting their feed ever since then and so far so good. We have 8 – 4 1/2 months old that are very healthy so hopefully it won’t happen again. We have 2 sows and a boar that eat the same food and they are very healthy. I’m not sure I would say for certainty it was the feed, maybe it was just that one pig. It’s helpful to know that others have these strange things happen too.

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    Member: AK AvatarTriple McLean Farms

    Thanks for the posts everybody. I hate to see anybody lose an animal like this, but yes it is helpful to know I am not the only one. Just very disheartening.

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