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    Member: GA Bob HaylesBob Hayles

    Another newbie question…and y’all will get a lot of them over the next few months as I learn to be a pig farmer…LOL.

    I’m wanting to feed my LBGs as inexpensively as possible whild maintaining nutrition…like you folks have never encountered that before, right?

    Anyway…tell me just what constitutes healthy “slop” for the slop bucket. Is it EVERYTHING that is sorta food, but not for human consumption? Citrus and banana peels? Coffee grounds? Eggs…and raw and cooked or just cooked, and what about the shells? Spoiled veggies? Leftovers? Table scraps? Spoiled dairy (I know raw dairy would be OK…it just ferments, but the store bought pastuerized crap doesn’t ferment, it rots, basically)? Baked goods, like bread…and what if the bread has mold? Bread mold won’t actually hurt people…what about pigs?

    How do I look at slop? Is it considered nutritious, or just filler? If nutritious, HOW nutritious? If a bucket of slop weighs 8 lbs or so, is that an equal substitute for 8 lbs of pig feed?

    More questions will be coming…trust me, a LOT more.

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    Member: WI NorthernMarshNorthernMarsh

    A lot of people think that hogs can and will eat anything and should be used as ambulatory garbage disposals. Granted, there’s a lot of things they will and can eat, but the question is: should they? Doesn’t really take a lot to make a hog sick, and unfortunately they generally won’t let you know they’re not feeling well until it’s close to being too late.

    I don’t give my pigs anything I wouldn’t be willing to eat.

    If it has mold or is spoiled, it’s a guaranteed “no” for me. Watermelon rinds, banana peels, leftover veggies…definitely, they love ’em. Pumpkins, squash, etc…also all good.

    I don’t intentionally feed meat to the hogs, they get enough protein from the bugs, grubs, etc that live out in the pastures. If I remember correctly the USDA has expressly forbidden feeding them meat if you’re planning on selling meat from your hogs.

    What I do give them is essentially a treat, I don’t look at it as a main food source (or even a secondary food source).

    My hogs’ primary food source is pasture (timothy, rye, clovers, trefoil, etc) and a supplemental grain mix from a local mill.

    Remember, they are what they eat…if they’re fed trash, that’s exactly what they’re going to taste like.

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    Member: GA Bob HaylesBob Hayles

    Sam, that’s kinda what I was thinking, but with everything on the net I thought I’d check.


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    Member: ill Avatarjerry vaughn

    the only thing ive heard from any hog breeder do not feed moldy grain etc like our wheat here in the midwest this year they will abourt babys all right for feeders that what all the commercial hog operaters say

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