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    Most of us would like to reduce our costs if possible. I saw the video Jason Chambers of High Cove Farm did regarding growing sprouted barley to use as at least a partial feed replacement and got interested. Having more time than money I thought it would be nice to spend the labor of growing the barley instead of spending precious dollars on feed.

    My one concern was how nutritional the sprouts would be. Searching the net…A LOT…gave a lot of info on how to grow fodder hydroponically, but absolutely NO info on nutritional content.

    Last week I finally did what I should have done to begin with…I called Dr Michael Azain, a professor in the College of Agriculture at the University of Georgia. I told him I had been searching for a comparison between sprouted barley and a 15% commercial pig feed.

    He emailed me Monday. UGA did a comparison between Southern States 15% commercial pig feed, barley, and sprouted barley. The bottom line results are that sprouted barley is not a good subsitute, even partly, for commercial feed.

    I’ll be sending an email with detailed results to my email list. I think there are a lot of folks that don’t visit the forums very often and more will see the detailed results in email.

    If you haven’t gotten any emails from “Bob @ JuicyMaters” in the last few weeks it means I don’t have your correct email address. If that is true and you want the detailed results, you can sign up for my email list at the following link:

    I’ll be sending the email with the info Friday morning, Aug 18. Sign up for the email list by then.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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