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    Member: Mississippi HogfeathersHogfeathers

    I bought Longfellow Boar DOB 8/4/10 CI: 11.1% $500.00, and Prudence Sow Bred to Longfellow boar DOB 3/17/11 CI: 15.4% $1000.00. My first pigs, so I relied on advice from this site and what others told me. Well when I arived to look there were quite a few piglets, some of them had what looked like tumurs on them (big bubble growths) and was told some them also only had 1 hole to pee and poop out of (I thought this was strange and I have pics) I was told all that was common, needless to say I stayed away from them. It is now the end of Sept. and Sow still is not bred. I should have ran from this as fast I could. Well I have now learned much more … one thing is that stuff is not that common?

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    Member: PA Duane & Kelly LuzierDuane & Kelly Luzier

    So sorry to hear of your first experience with LBH. None of those issues are common and most likely there was either inbreeding done to perpetuate a genetic issue or even if not related one of the parents definitely has problems. I would have walked away from the deal in it’s entirety if I had seen the piglets. Are you running the hogs together and have you seen a breeding or evidence of heat in the sow? If you have been running them together, you may want to separate then for 2-3 weeks then put reintroduce them. How is their weight in the jowls? We keep our breeders on the lean side, obese hogs take longer to breed and it is harder on the sow when she farrows. Plus looking at the calendar, do you want to be farrowing in December – February cold? I’d either wait until January now or…. pork prices are up and I this is the time of year to butcher and you are looking at possibly 800-1000 lbs of delicious LBH pork. We usually sausage a lot of the older hogs when their breeding days are over.

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    Member: Mississippi HogfeathersHogfeathers

    Thank you very much for your advice I will try that this week for sure, honestly I wana see piglets running around so bad I’ll heat up the whole barn for’em lol.

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    AvatarAngela Johnson

    Hey there–

    Will you give me a call when you get a chance? My cell number is 515-779-4526. I’ve read your posts and I want to understand what is happening in your world in more detail. You are describing an issue that comes from inbreeding and the perpetuation of inbred stock. It happens but that doesn’t mean it is normal at all. I would never knowingly purchase stock with issues you have stated. I want to see if there is anything I can do to help.

    These are not just issues that you have they are issues for me and the rest of the membership too. We have to work together to better educate pig owners that not every pig is breeder quality. Those nightmare pigs should be pork at best IF the females live. Most males (90% plus) die of the genetic deformity because without an anus or a vaginal opening they are unable to defecate and release their bodily waste. The females end up excreting urine and feces from the vaginal opening. It is called a blind anus and it is a deplorable result from generations of inbreeding.

    These are breed issues, breeding education issues, new buyer education issues, and I hope not but possibility issues with individual ethics. No matter what I don’t see how this type of situation isn’t an organization issue too. I am thankful that you are sharing your plight. Now maybe we can turn this ship around for you and others.

    As always, feel free to call me. Two heads are better than one and as an organization I think we can do better. I hope to talk to you soon.

    Angela Johnson
    Lucky George Farm

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    Member: Mississippi HogfeathersHogfeathers

    Thanks, I will try and give you a call this week, little late right now. From my understanding the piglets I described, The seller said her husband was going to, put them down. The reason I bring it up now, is I have been to quite a few farms since my first purchase and learned that those issues aren’t as common as the seller had led me to believe, go figure… I come to find out the seller tried to sell the same bred sow to another guy with different due dates.

    Now I have a new little guy (Super), and going to look at some other LB’s this weekend.

    Well maybe this will help… the boar I have and supposedly the only boar the seller had. He is a Longfellow, and according to Kelley Escobedo South Texas Heritage Pork, he came from a very good sire.
    The sow I also have that was supposed to be bred is a Prudence, she seemed to be selling all her Prudence line. She also had a Charlotte she wasn’t selling and 2 weaned litters, the issues i described I notice on the younger litter.
    So with all that said maybe its her Prudence line that was having the problems…

    Knowing that. I say 100% individual ethics… which learning all this better informs us all.

    I mean how many if any of you guys (if any) would have actually taken advantage of a newbie buyer of this community to this extent?

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    Member: OH AvatarDarren Felicia Krock

    It is not something that our breeders should be doing. When you get a chance, please call me 800-687-1942..

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