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    Don’t know if anyone will see this in time but we’re having our first gilt farrow (born Mar 2011) (and our farms’ first farrowing) and she had one stillborn piglet ~5pm tonight (about 1 3/4 lbs) and nothing since (it’s 830 as I write this). I gave her an exam and found nothing in the birth canal (I wasn’t able to get up into the uterus(es?)) against her contractions.

    Additionally, she’s got milk, but very little–like it will ooze our but not ‘squirt’ out. I’m going to go out and administer oxytocin @9pm.

    So three questions–does anyone have any suggestions for what to do? and/or is it possible she just had the single stillborn and is done? finally, how can I tell that she’s either still to have more piglets or is done?



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    forgot to add–the stillborn was still within it’s sac/w umbilical cord attached, but swollen-looking tongue

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    just as a follow-on update. Went out to check up on her on the half-hour at 1130pm and…two piglets. So >~5 hours between #1 and #2. ended up with 10 total (with stillborn #1) and a second loss yesterday (~16 hours in, 80% sure it was a ‘mom layed on it’ suffocation.

    Aside from the ridiculously long delay between #1 and #2, pretty easy farrowing.

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    Member: TX Shiner PorkShiner Pork


    Glad to hear things worked out. Sounds like the first piglet got stuck in the birth canal (the swollen tongue) and it took the sow a bit of time to recover before delivering the rest of them. We didn’t see your post in time to offer advice, but glad things went so well. We’ve been through the same before with one of our sows, next time, everything went a bit smoother.

    Y’all take care and good luck.


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    Member: MO chhogschhogs

    Oh goodness Fred, SO sorry none of us saw this on time 🙁 I think Ross is right with his diagnosis that the first piglet got stuck causing a delay. PLUS gilts are VERY unpredictable & can take longer to farrow than sows. If I remember rightly our matriarch sow took a long time on her first farrowing way back when.

    10 is a great size for the first litter. Hope the remaining 8 do really well for you.



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