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    Do any of you have a first aid kit for your hogs, and if so, what do you have in it? What would you recommend? We’ve been really lucky and haven’t had any health problems other than some mites and a prolapse and one small cut, but I’d really like to be prepared! Thanks so much for your input, and I hope everyone’s having a great spring with lots of piglets 🙂

    ~Amy (Rock Bottom Ranch, CO)

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    Hmmm… we don’t have a pig first aid kit per se BUT we do keep a couple sprays on hand to treat wounds. First is Granulex (yellow & white can). This stuff is excellent & really helps get rid/clean out infections from cuts etc. Very helpful if two boars should get in together & have a fight. Important with pigs is to to let the wound heal from the inside out. Our boars have given each other some nasty gashes over the years but we spray with Granulex & have never needed stitches. Stitches can actually be detrimental as they hold in the infection.

    Second is BlueKote – this is a purple spray which seals the infected area. This is especially good in fly season! (Maggots in cuts are NOT good!)

    Third – always helpful to have rubber gloves & disinfectant on hand should you need to pull a piglet. You hope it never happens but sometimes it does.

    Fourth – Pennicillin, LA 200, EXCEDE etc should you get a sick pig. Excede is a very expensive drug – $125 a bottle so don’t need that unless you are really dealing with some serious issues.

    We now keep in Oxytocin in stock in case of a sow having a difficult delivery. Oxytocin brings on the labor, strengthens contractions. Only available from your vet. Yet again really not necessary if you are only dealing with one or two sows.

    Hope this helps,



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