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    Aaron TurbettAaron Turbett

    bbPress ANTISPAM: Referrer: I seem to have a yellow fly problem. My sows ears are bitten up so bad that she is starting to get open sores. This has all happened in the last two days. I started noticing the bumps a few days ago, so I bought some UltraShield and used it on her two days ago, but the bumps/bites have spread. This morning I used some Blue Kote on the couple of sores that she has, so I hope that helps a little.
    Has anyone had this problem? Any treatments or ideas that you have will help greatly. I’m getting close to calling a vet in to see what they think. I have yet to find a pig farmer in my area that raises pigs in a rotational pasture setting, so I do not have anyone local to reach out to for help.
    Later I will try to post a picture of her, just to help the discussion a little.
    Thanks everyone!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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