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    Love my Pigs! HATE ALL THE FLIES!!! Looking for options. Have many of the bags hanging around. Used sprays but the flies just keep coming. I also have poultry which adds to it. Has anyone tried any type of a feed supplement. I came across this horse product today on Valley Vets web site and am wondering if it would be safe for the pigs and effective. Maybe it would be something I could even mix myself.
    (Med-Vet Pharmaceuticals) Flies-A-Way is an all-natural supplement to help repel biting insects and help reduce fly populations. Contains garlic, brewers yeast, and apple cider vinegar, plus diatomaceous earth, a natural element that’s been used for hundreds of years to help control insects. When fed, diatomaceous earth passes through the horse’s system into the manure where insects come into contact with it. Diatomaceous earth draws lipids from the insect’s exoskeleton causing dehydration and death, thereby preventing fly larvae from hatching into a future generation of flies. For best results, feed Flies-A-Way to all horses on your property. Begin feeding 30-45 days prior to start of fly season. Feed 30 grams daily. Pellets
    I have checked into each of the ingredients and have not found anything to lead me to believe it would be harmful to the pigs but wanted to double check and see if anyone has any experience or thoughts.


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