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HOME Forums General Gilt had 19 piglets today!!! Is this some kind of record?

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    Member: NC Twinoaksfarm2012Twinoaksfarm2012

    Today our gilt had 19 piglets! This was our first litter and we were expecting maybe 7-10 but within 12 hours she has 19 piglets! How amazing and crazy at the same time. All are really nice looking!
    Our other gilt, who was bred at the same time had her litter today at the same time and she only had 4. Unbelievable! We marked two of the smaller piglets from the larger litter and put with the gilt that only had 4.
    Was there any reason not to do that? We are going to get their ears notched and get all of the book keeping right but is there anything else that needs to be done?
    We are first timers….I have been reading different articles about the teeth?
    One farm says that they have never done anything with their teeth and have never had a problem.
    We are also aware of castrating the males, from what I have read within 2 weeks? We have a neighbor who says that he has done 1000’s. We will let him take care of this.
    Anything else we need to be doing, thinking about?

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    Member: Ohio RegistrarRegistrar

    Wow 19 piglets is a lot! I think the most I have ever recorded was 16 by a farm down south. Great job for the new mama!

    I personally do not do anything with their teeth. I would definitely have someone experienced with castrating do the job. This is the job I hate the most. I have moved piglets that weren’t thriving to another sow just to help them out. I have never had an issue with doing this as long as you know which pig came from which sow before you begin notching.

    As far as record keeping, fill out the litter registration form here on our website. If you have any questions, please give me a call.

    Congratulations on your first litters!

    Felicia the Registrar

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    Member: IA luckygeorgefarmluckygeorgefarm

    Amazing litter size! What are the bloodlines for your boar and two sows? Was the 19 from a first time momma? So wonderful for you. Now let the work begin!

    Angela Johnson
    Lucky George Farm
    Derby, IA

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    Member: NC Twinoaksfarm2012Twinoaksfarm2012

    Thanks for the responses so far! Yes, we notched their ears first and we have moved some to the other mama. She took them on fine. Both gilts were the same age and were bred by the same boar at the same time. The Prudence/Majestic bred to the Longfellow/Cedar Creek Charlotte had the 19. She didn’t loose any to birthing but we have lost one the 2nd day as she laid on the piglet. The way she did it really could not have been prevented.
    And YES, make sure that you have them locked up 24 hours before they start farrowing or you WILL be grabbing piglets out of the mud holes!!!We are still so tired from Saturday!

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    Member: NC Twinoaksfarm2012Twinoaksfarm2012

    Also yes, the mama was a first time mama. she is just a year old.

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    Does anyone know if the number birthed is a function of the genetics on the mother’s side or the father’s side. My guess would be the mother. What I find amazing about this, besides the number 😯 , is that all 19 were born alive. There always seems to be 1 or more stillborn, and especially with it taking 12 hours! How old is she and how is everyone doing now that it has been a couple of weeks?

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    Member: NC Twinoaksfarm2012Twinoaksfarm2012

    Yes, the gilt that had the 19, all live births. Within the first 48 hours she smooshed 2, that was sad and hopefully preventable in the future!

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