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    Member: WI NorthernMarshNorthernMarsh

    I’m thinking about doing some hydro grown fodder for all of the animals, but, mostly for the hogs to get fresh greens in the winter that’s rapidly approaching us.

    Has anyone here tried it? Results? It looks a lot more cost effective than just buying grain to supplement the hay, and I’ve seen people do it on some TV shows (and we all know that they would never exaggerate anything on TV right?<g>), but, I’ve never actually met anyone who’s done it.

    I’ve got an experimental batch of wheat soaking overnight to put in the pans tomorrow night to give it a shot and see what a 13×9 cake pan will yield after 9 days (for the hogs, goats, and sheep) and what a 6×6 cake pan will yield after 4 days (for the rabbits and chickens).



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    Member: OK Phillip & Dena ParhamPhillip & Dena Parham

    My wife starting doing this while we lived in Arizona with great success. She designed and built her own system. She stills does in now that we moved to Oklahoma. We have found the goats are not very interested in the fodder, they prefer hay or just grazing. The chickens, ducks and pigs like the fodder. Worth it if you build your own system. No need to pay thousands for something you can build for less than $100.

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    Member: WI Blink Blink-thankfulBlink Blink-thankful

    Starting to grow fodder with some rye seeds. They are certified seed and have been tested for ergot…I got lucky and they were given to me, otherwise I would have went with barley or wheat. Anyways did one batch. At this point in time the pigs are enjoying hay more than fodder. But I am tweaking my method and hope they will find more interest in it. Need to be very careful with mold, and keep air moving. I am adding a house fan into the set up and am ordering some food grade peroxide. i’ll keep u posted.
    ~april in COLD Wisconsin.

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    Member: WI NorthernMarshNorthernMarsh

    Yeah, I’ve run a number of successful attempts, but, I’m holding off on actually firing it up full time until spring and I can build a true hydro rack instead of my makeshift setup that would make MacGyver either jealous or throw up{g}. I also don’t know how well it would hold up for more than 5 minutes up here in Northern Wisconsin where we haven’t hit 0 in over a week.

    At this point I figure I’ve got enough challenges to get through the winter without adding new ones

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    Member: TX SegSeg

    I did it last year as a test and the pigs and chickens seemed to like it. I was making 30 pound batches of Barley grass in trays approximately 30″ X 10″ in size. I planned on increasing the scale about 10 fold but I got side-tracked and never got back around to it. It does appear to be a workable option for some folks.
    Those ready-made kits are way overpriced!

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    Barley is preferred over wheat as a small grain for swine according to standard nutrition tables.

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    We’ve been growing and feeding barley fodder to our pigs for over a year now. Here’s a video about how we do it and what we’ve learned.

    Hope it’s helpful.

    High Cove Farm

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    Member: GA Bob HaylesBob Hayles

    Jason…how much does a “pad” of sprouted barley the size in the video weigh, and how does it compare nutritionally, pound for pound, with pig feed? Equal substitute?

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    Avatarfarmer John’

    bbPress ANTISPAM: Referrer: new here but not to hog farming new to LBH
    I feed fodder every day.
    barley is best
    feed value I 40% more than feeding barley ground and dry

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    Member: GA Bob HaylesBob Hayles

    Farmer John…or anyone else with an answer…pound for pound compared to a 16% protien commercial swine ration how does sprouted barley compare nutritionally? I’m mainly interested in protien and energy, but would like to know about the other necessary nutrients as well.

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    Member: GA Bob HaylesBob Hayles


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