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    😮 Hey, What kind of hay is anyone feeding during the winter months?

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    Member: MO chhogschhogs

    Ours like alfalfa but this year alfalfa is REALLY expensive due to the drought. We have just spent the day hauling an orchard/Timothy/Alfalfa mix hay so will soon be stocked up again 🙂 We use the hay for bedding too so when we throw some in their shelters, the pigs will eat the good stuff& then lie on the stalky stuff that they do not want to eat so it doesn’t really get wasted. Unless there is deep snow on the ground they will still go out foraging.


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    Thanks Liz, always a great source of information you are, and having lived in Montana
    i know you know what Snow is, lol.
    I know the local farmer that I get hey from, he has a Alfalfa, Timothy grass mix, so I’ll see what they do with that
    I did not have to stock up as of yet, if this is good, then I’ll pickup more.
    Thanks again 😀

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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