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    We have purchased a large black sow and boar last October. The sow has been showing signs of her hooves getting longer in the past month. I have been feeding her a 12% sow feed and just put her out on a pasture that has wheat, clover, rye grass and other native grasses growing. When she gets up she is walking on her knees. She should farrow the end of May. My vet said to use horse trimmers and cut her feet just not sure how to to this so she is safe and also we are safe. Any suggestions? We live in NE Oklahoma. Thank you,

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    Sorry I can’t help you ken… I was just curious about your future litter? Registered? Price? I’m near Muskogee area… Thanks!

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    These are some of the answers from Facebook followers about your question.

    Tom Abbott: There is a rope procedure online somewhere that looks like it would work pretty well. It restrains then against a wall without hurting them. Might check it out

    Melanie Norris Price Ozuna: Depends on how friendly she is normally. Some of my pigs roll over for a belly scratch and I can get them so asleep in the sun they dont care what I do. Others we have had to sort of push over and lay on them and quickly cut.

    Kelley Heising Escobedo: Once they figure out you are helping them it gets easier. Exactly what Melanie said though, the more the sow trust you the easier it is to do. Also when they are sleeping or just waking they are more docile. After a while you start to notice right away when they start walking funny or favoring one foot and trim early before they really have problems.

    Mark Escobedo: Also, look for swelling of the toes, a pair of hand shears or pruning shears and a lot of love should do the trick. I met a old pig farmer the other day who said he had never trimmed a nail, then commented that they appeared to be walking on skis. This man did not care enough for his show pig sows to trim a nail?

    Valiant Vetter: Ours will roll over for you pretty easily, even our 500# boar, so if that becomes a problem, it won’t be too difficult.
    I knew goats need periodic hoof trimming, but is this standard for pigs as well? Ours walk on very sandy soil, so I wonder if they are worn down naturally? Ours are going on three years and they all look fine

    Paulies Pasture: have the vet come and trim the nails the first time and show you how . . . it could save you from a larger vet bill and more complications . . . and yes V V is correct if she is close to farrowingpet her belly and she should lay down and rollover for you

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