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    Member: GA Bob HaylesBob Hayles

    I’ve got 3 pigs…one LBH gilt and two crosses…that were born on February 28th. I’ve been feeding according to this chart:

    Well, the chart ends at 15 weeks and we are there. What next? Does anyone know of a chart that goes out to 10-12 months, or do I free feed, or what?


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    Member: Ohio RegistrarRegistrar

    Hello Bob,
    That question has as many answers as there are fish in the sea! It depends on what your program and ideals are.
    On our farm, we have feed milled specifically for us (awaiting the final analysis to share with Triangle K customers). We have our hogs on pasture, save for the breeding boars, and have a supplemental feeding. While they have on pasture, the hogs will get between 2 and 3 pounds of feed per day. We feed them at night to ensure they come to the barn for counting. The feed also makes sure they are getting their mineral regimen. We also have a lick block for them to visit while on pasture, this is not a trace mineral or plain salt block from TSC. If the hogs are “stalled” due to inclement weather (to save the pastures), the hogs will get 4-6 pounds of feed per day split between morning and evening feeding. And free choice grass hay. This is what Triangle K Ranch does for feed. We have had excellent growth rates on our hogs. Our pastures are large and lush with a variety of grasses and legumes.

    Now, what do others do? Hopefully this will help with the response to a great question.
    Happy Hogging,

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    Member: WI jmcs_3jmcs_3

    Hi Bob,
    On our farm we intensive-rotational graze. Our hogs are given (depending on age, weight, etc.) anywhere from two-five pounds/daily/each a hog ration 18% protein. The rest of their diet comes from foraging and grazing. All of the animals are out on pasture, the boars just have a sturdier fence! Breeding animals get approximately 2 pounds/daily, nursing sows approximately 8-15 lbs/daily, and growing feeders, approximately five pounds daily (depending on their age). In the winter we feed a mineral and alfalfa hay (dairy quality). I hope this helps. The beauty of the LBH is their ability to graze, and turn forage into protein! Also listen to your hogs, when they root, it is time to move them!

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    Great discussion all – does anyone have advice on winter feeding of bailed pasture hay? We are just getting started – we have 1 Boar, 1 Gilt and 5 feeders, so we’ll be feeding 7 pigs in total over the winter in Wisconsin….I’ve read that while on pasture 2 pounds or so is normal, as stated above, but what about how much hay to buy/store for winter to feed them pasture mix over the winter, or do you just go to a corn only mix for the winter months? We have one field we are having hayed for us and I think we’ll get about 6,000 lbs of hay (12 bails X 500 lbs), wondering if that will be enough for the winter months (Nov-April) when pasture are under snow…

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