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    I was wondering if anyone could share with me a chart for feeding grain to large black hogs in an open pasture system. I’m understanding this will fluctuate given many different circumstances i.e. forage available, season, age and weight, feeder vs breeder, etc.

    I am mostly looking for a starting point to work from other then just watching and listening.

    1.) How many pounds of grain per day given their weight and age (breeder vs feeder)

    2.) Target weights you like to see your hogs at given their age?

    Thank you and happy 😀 farming


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    We feed adults 3-5lbs of custom mixed grain/day/pig. When the sow has farrowed we increase that depending on how many piglets she is feeding. Ex: 8 piglet and a sow get 8-10lbs of grain. She eats a lot and the piglet progressively eat more as the weeks pass. Feeders start at weaning at a little under a pound a day a piece and move up to 3lbs each by about 4-5 months of age. This is what is working for us in our area, but we have a lot of quality pasture for our pigs and our stocking rate is really low.

    JMB Farms
    Samson, AL

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    Thank you for the reply. I thought I posted a thank you a while back, but for one reason another it did not post. I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with me. It helps! I for the most part am on tract with your suggestion give or take.


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    We are in northern NY and coming out of winter we were feeding our breeders 4lbs/day of Green Mountains Certified Organic Pig Pellets, a 16% protein balance feed, along with free choice 2nd cutting hay. Once the grass greened up we put them on good quality rotational pasture. Their body condition was getting higher than I liked so I cut them to 3 lbs/day, then 2lbs/day and that seemed to be about right until farrowing, when we got back to about 4lbs/day. The key for us seems to be keeping the pasture quality high, like something you would put your dairy cows or beefers on.

    David Belding
    Cross Island Farms

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