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    Out of curiosity, how much lard do you normally get off of your LB? Feel free to say hanging weight, live weight, diet, male or female or any other details. Would love leaf lard vs. regular lard too.

    I bought a group of LBS that were raised in a confinement situation and all we do is grass feed on pasture. Wow are the new pigs FAT. Six went straight to the butcher and we brought the smallest and largest home. The large one (we’ve named her Fatty) is potentially pregnant so she gets to wait it out before her ultimate end. All this has made me very curious.

    Now I have seen first hand the difference between raising LB on grass and confinement. I can see why they have a reputation for being fat pigs in a conventional swine world.

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    Raised on pasture, our large blacks are butchered at 275-300lbs and have a hanging weight consistently of 69%. Above that percentage, we get about 12-15lbs of usable lard.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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