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    Member: Mississippi HogfeathersHogfeathers

    I will be having Super boars and Prudence gilts with 0% soon… and Longfellow boars with 0% soon after.

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    Member: PA Duane & Kelly LuzierDuane & Kelly Luzier

    I need to give you a huge thank you! After replying to your ticket inquiry, I became concerned that it may be incorrect. I called and spoke with Felicia concerning the CI calculator and I told her that you and I had both gotten a 0%. She did a quick CI on the Breeder’s Assistance database on your pairings, and it showed 11.8% and 12%. I found that your B & B Prudence does not show up when you do a search. Felicia then went in and changed the “&” on your sow and did the CI on the manual calculator and it changed the CI calculation!!! If you hadn’t told me that you there may be a problem, I wouldn’t have questioned it and we would not have figured out what at least part of the problem was. I do apologize however that the CI calculations on your pairings are now 11.8% and 12%, still under the national average for heritage hogs. thank you so much!! Felicia will be giving this new information to our webmaster to see if he has an easy fix for it since there are over 200 hogs with the “&” in the database. If you have any questions, Felicia says to give her a call tomorrow and she’ll be glad to answer them.
    Kelly Luzier
    LBHA Treasurer

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    Member: WI NorthernMarshNorthernMarsh

    Wow, good catch and great response. You all continue to impress.

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    George and Jeri SoulierJeri Soulier

    Sorry as we are SOO new – what is 0% CI?

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    Member: GA Bob HaylesBob Hayles

    Jeri…I’m pretty much a newbie as well, and am not educated on pig raising enough to give you a complete answer, but since nobody else is answering ( a MAJOR fault of the forums on this site. Getting questions answered is like pulling teeth) I’ll tell you what little I know.

    CI, or COI, is Coefficient of Inbreeding. Basically you look at a given pigs bloodlines to see how many and where in the pedigree close relations are and give it a numerical score. The higher the score the more close relations, the more inbreeding, is in that pigs makeup.

    I hope this answered your question, at least a little bit. Maybe eventually…some day…probably far in the future…someone with more knowledge will explain it better and in greater depth.

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    Member: WI NorthernMarshNorthernMarsh

    Actually you pretty well nailed it Bob.

    I will add that higher numbers don’t necessarily mean a bad pig or bad genetics, it’s one (fairly small) aspect of the pig.

    One of my LBH mentors (and pigs in general) was a line breeder. He’d line breed up to a very high CI (line breeding can purify traits and will usually show any genetic flaws) and then out cross to a new bloodline and effectively slam the CI back down, rather than homogenizing the bloodlines and forming a generic pig.

    Due to his knowledge and encouragement before he passed away, paired with what I’ve been researching on line breeding I’ve actually started a line breeding program here on my farm and am expecting the CIs on the experimental litters to hit 70%+ before outcrossing to a new LBH bloodline…but, if all goes according to plan we’ll end up with some superior genetics and pigs as a result.

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