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    A copy of this posting will be going out in email and snail mail to all of our members.

    The board and I wanted to inform you of a significant change that has taken place within the LBHA.

    As you are all aware the LBHA is run by volunteers that receive no compensation whatsoever. One of the positions that reports directly to the Board of Directors is that of the registrar, currently Brian Wright. Brian indicated some months ago that the workload was becoming a significant drain upon his time. Brian also stated that he would like to, at some point in the future, resign his position as registrar, but only once several significant process improvements were put in place to make the transition easier for the new person.

    Over the last few months Brian and others on the board have been working hard to improve the registration process. Something that used to take several hours to complete, now takes minutes. There are still problems with the process that surface from time to time and we are working on them. However, the majority of the issues have been resolved and Brian believes the job of registrar can successfully be handed off to someone else. We thank Brian for all his work in resolving the majority of the problems with the registration process and while there are still some issues, he has helped bring us to a stage where the duties can be successfully handed off to someone else.

    Effective Tuesday March 8th the new Registrar for the LBHA is Felicia Krock of Triangle K Ranch in Ohio. However, Felicia is undergoing a period of training and will be working closely with Brian over the next few weeks. Please do not call Felicia directly, rather send any communications via our website contact link or via the email address This will make it far easier for Brian and Felicia to work closely together during her training period. Brian will still be the Secretary of the LBHA so his wealth of experience and his dedication will not be lost to us.

    Please rest assured that all of your membership, registration, CI calculation and general queries will be processed. The Board is monitoring the systems and a number of people are working behind the scenes to make the transition go as smoothly as possible.

    If you have any concerns or you have any outstanding registration requests that you do not believe have been answered in a timely manner, please contact me at or LBHA Vice President Kelley Escobedo at Kelley and I are compiling a list of issues and will ensure they are all taken care of.

    The Board wishes to thank Brian for his hard work and dedication and Felicia for her new undertaking. There are many people that simply don’t understand the pressure a successful organization like the LBHA puts on personal time. You, our members, have made a significant advancement for the Large Black Hog breed in the US as we now register over 100 new pigs per month and will soon see the critical status of the Large Black herd reduced, which is one of the goals of the LBHA.

    Thank you for your patience during this time.

    Richard Pomeroy

    LBHA President

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    The registry is on it’s way to Felicia so there may be a few days while we are unable to register litters and hogs. But don’t worry, Felicia will be up and running as your new Registrar soon!

    Thanks to all for being patient and supportive while we created the registry process. Felicia has already proven to be a great choice as Registrar! Please now give her your support as she transitions into her new role. Remember, she is a volunteer so, be nice!


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    Brian, I would like to personally and publicly thank you for all your hard work, long hours and tireless dedication. I know how frustrating this process has been and how much work has gone on behind the scenes. We could not have come this far without you. We are lucky to have you on the LBHA Board and look forward to putting you to more good use!!!

    Felicia I know you will do a great job and we are very excited to have you as our new Registrar.


    Kelley Escobedo

    South Texas Heritage Pork

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    Brian and Felicia,

    Brian – thanks for all you’ve done as the Registrar and welcome to Felicia!


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