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    Member: OH AvatarDarren Felicia Krock

    Hello Folks. We are located in Northwest Ohio not far from I75, I70 or US30. Please visit our website for a map on the “About Us” page.
    We are downsizing to 2 boars and 6-8 females.
    Available for immediate pick up:

    4 ready to butcher Large Blacks – $500 each They are approximately 400-500 pounds. We had one processed who was a bit larger and he was very tasty and beautiful white lard. The pork chops were as big as T-bones and succulent. The price is near market price for commercial hogs. Definitely a fortunate bargain for anyone looking for meat.

    1 Registered Large Black gilt who has been exposed to a boar $500 She is Triangle K Charlotte 21/5 5249. She is out of a Super. Her CI is 15.3%. IF she is pregnant by my Noble Sam, the CI would be 14.7%. I love my Super line and also the production of the Noble Sam. Very nice piglets have been produced from him.

    2 Registered Large Black boars (born in May) $200 each Super/Matilda and Super/Warbler I also have gilts of the Super/Warbler pairing who were born in May. Nice pigs..

    18 feeder pigs $50 each. (born in May or July) are between 50-125 pounds. A bargain for sure!
    Felicia Krock
    567-674-2542 (you may text but be sure to identify yourself and what you are requesting.)

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