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    Member: Maine Thomas BarryThomas Barry

    Hello Large Black Breeders!

    The Outreach Committee is currently gathering photos to create a calendar for the LBHA. The calendar will have farrowing dates on each day and feature photos of hogs from our breeders across the country. Never use an online farrowing calculator or that hard to read printed version with a million numbers again!!

    We would love to include your photos in the calendar so please send your BEST hog pictures to in the next 2 DAYS. (this is a repeat post from 2 weeks ago) Photos must be submitted by March 10 for consideration. Farms whose photos are selected will receive 2 free calendars!

    Please submit landscape oriented photos for the calendar only. Photos of boars and pigs in seasons other than summer will be greatly appreciated! Once the photos are submitted they will become property of the LBHA but your farm name will be displayed with your photo and the photographer will be credited.

    Take a break from filing your farm taxes and scroll through your photos! You’ll be refreshed and it will remind you of why you raise these wonderful hogs!

    Send your photos to by March 10!!!


    -Kristin Pearson

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    Member: South Carolina AvatarChris Matthews

    How can we get a calendar?

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    Member: Ohio RegistrarRegistrar

    Great question!! Once it has been put together, you will have the ability to pre-order it and then they will be printed and sent out. Only to those who order. Keep an eye out because it is happening soon!!

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    Member: OR Mark and MaLea EasterlyMark and MaLea Easterly

    Hi Felicia! I am trying to get in contact with you to get my gilt’s papers sent to me. I paid for them in November of 2015, but have had no success in getting any response. Can you please email or call me?

    I have left several messages on the ticket system, but no luck there either. Any help that you can give me would be fantastic! Thanks again! MaLea

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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