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    This note is to let you all know that Brian Wright has resigned as the LBHA secretary.

    Brian is busy with other projects and believes that in the best interests of the LBHA he had to resign. I know for a fact that Brian has worked long and hard for the LBHA and that his input to the board has been beneficial. I and the board wish him well and I’m sure we’ll still ‘see’ him around online.

    The secretary position will be placed up for the membership to vote on in the near future, and possibly some other board positions. We will let you know when the nomination process starts, but it wont be in time for the membership meeting on the 16th of July as we have to give enough notice to everyone.

    If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at



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    I have enjoyed my participation in the LBHA Board and am very happy about the results that occurred while I was a member.

    When the ALBC posts its Conservation Priority list next year the Large Black Hog will no longer be listed as “Critical”. This is very big news! If we are truly dedicated to the recovery of the Large Black breed in the U.S. this proves that we are doing the right things for the breed. This also happened when the average price for the breed has risen to a level where breeders can possibly make some money from their efforts. Congratulations to all members for making this happen!

    When I took over the Registrar duties there were just over 200 registered LBs. Now there are well over 1000 and this very positive trend should continue. I created our current Registrar process, with support and assistance from the Board, and it is a model for other rare breed organizations to emulate.

    I created this website, with a lot of help from Richard, when our previous website was literally taken away by the petty action of a disgruntled member. It took hundreds of hours to put together but the results speak for themselves. I hope all members appreciate the value it brings to the LBHA and your individual farms.

    I worked hard to convince members to control inbreeding within the larger LB herd in the U.S. We have reduced the average inbreeding coefficient from 24% to 14%, an impressive achievement. But there still is more to do; the accepted average CI for a rare breed is 10%. With continued emphasis from the Board and good decisions by everyone this can be achieved.

    I can’t take credit for the work of the Outreach Committee but their recent work has provided significant benefits to every LBHA member and I congratulate them.

    The one thing I did not complete was to improve our ByLaws and I encourage the Board to get that done. The most contentious issues that were discussed in the Board meetings were how the ByLaws were interpreted when people complained about the conduct of a member. I made my position well known; you cannot even consider taking action against a member unless you can clearly prove that the ByLaws were violated. The behavior of a member must be measured against the ByLaws as they exist at the time. If the ByLaws are ambiguous then you must fix that first. I hope that the Board fully understands the critical nature of this.

    Despite my happiness in what we were able to achieve, I decided to leave now because I felt that I just no longer had the motivation to continue the work. My farm has significantly expanded (I have fifty seven piglets on the ground right now and nine pregnant sows due to farrow soon…) and I am working closely with breeders of other heritage hogs to promote those breeds. I created the Heritage Hog Breeders Club to bring some of the success we have achieved with LBs to breeders of other heritage hogs. Some members did not hesitate to loudly complain when I formed the HHBC and, since I am going to continue to be heavily involved with other heritage breeds, I decided it was time to leave the Board.

    For those who may wish to fill one of the three open positions on the Board, I urge you to objectively consider what this will mean. You will need to leave your ego at the door. You will need to know that you can work well with other people with widely differing opinions and motives. You will need to know that working on the Board should not be a selfish way to increase sales of your hogs. You must have a very thick skin; you will face criticism from members that sometimes is clearly self-serving and petty. And you will likely spend a lot of time in meetings…

    But, if you can separate your personal wants from the needs of the LBHA, serving on the Board can be a good experience.

    Thanks to everyone that elected me and provided support while I was on the Board. I will continue to raise LBs and be a member of the LBHA and pester the heck out of the Board. It will be very interesting where the LBHA goes now. The momentum is good and hopefully the people that join the Board will do so for the right reasons. But the next couple of years will show how far this group can go. Will it become like the Hereford and Tamworth hog groups; having regional and national shows and heavily invested in things like 4H and FFA without any recognition as a great pork breed? Will the LBHA Board continue to work for that magical 10% CI goal? Will the ByLaws finally get corrected to the point that the Board can investigate claims of misconduct against an unambiguous set of rules?

    My best to all fellow members of the LBHA.


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    I sincerely appreciate all the hard work of the members who are no longer on the board. Brian was and is a tremendous asset to the Large Black breed. His passion and compassion are abundant. I personally wish Brian and Helen, Brett and Stephanie, and JoAnn all the best in their business ventures and their Large Black hogs. I hope you continue to breed and raise many for years to come.

    To the rest of the members, if you share our passion for preserving this wonderful breed of hog, and you have the time and self-discipline to be a volunteer on a mostly thankless mission, we encourage you to speak up. If you know someone with that passion and dedication we encourage you to nominate them for a board position.

    If you have any questions or concerns, as always you are welcome to contact Richard ( or myself (

    Best regards,

    Kelley Escobedo

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    Member: WA dalanfarmdalanfarm

    Brian, your efforts have indeed helped the LBHA greatly and i personally will miss your presence on the board.

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