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    Member: TX EvelGeniusEvelGenius

    I live in the Dallas area and need a place to have my girls bred. I looked into having straws imported from Ireland but I do not want to wait any longer for the shipper to fill the order. Now I am just going to breed them to a local registered large black so I can get some piglets on the ground. I will need a low IC too. Not sure when to take them, where to take them or how much to pay or barter for the services. Any suggestions ?

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    I understand your need; there just isn’t enough LB semen available for those who don’t want to keep boars. Just remember that when you (and anyone else) uses someone else’s boar, have the boar’s owner fill out and send in our Boar Service Certificate.


    If anyone uses AI we need a copy of the semen donor’s registration and proof of semen purchase by the gilt’s / sow’s owner.

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    Member: TX EppsEpps

    Hey, EvelGenius

    I am about 2 1/2 hours south of you. Give me a call and I will give you the info on my Boar and see if he will match with your sows.

    (979) 224-3453



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    Member: TX EvelGeniusEvelGenius

    Thanks Brian : )

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    We are 2.5 hours east of you.

    Hog Detail:

    Angelica Noble Sam 1/3 *0014

    owner: True Fields

    breeder: Angelica

    date of birth: 1/14/2009

    sex: male

    coefficient of inbreeding: 10.5%

    paternal parent: CM Noble Sam 1-M1 #512 *0065

    maternal parent: SCF Matilda 1-F6 #457 *0008

    Boar Name: Cochise


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    Member: MO chhogschhogs

    Just a note here to say that a low CI on the boar is not always what you are looking for. What you need to research is the common genetics in both the boar & the sow to see what the genetics will look like for the piglets & THEN also try some trial matings for the piglets with other possible piglets. This is VERY important for the continued strengthening of strong LB genetics. When breeding rare breed pigs it is vital to look further than one generation.

    Liz – Missouri

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    Member: TX EvelGeniusEvelGenius

    Both of my girls are listed under Hayden Organic Farms in the owners section. I have no idea if my girls are a good match or not. A BIG thanks for any help.

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    Member: TX EppsEpps

    Yes, I am also new to this. I submitted a CI request for my boar, your 2 girls and 1 of my girls. It seems like I read that the CI was based on the last 3 generations, if that info was available from the registration. Is this correct? In addition what else do I look for? I noticed that for instance “Matilda” shows up with different prefixes, I assume that is the breeders “mark”. What other distinctions should I be looking at? Is an exact match in the Grandparents or Great Grandparents a negative? I probably should have know all this before I purchased a LB. Thanks to all.

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    Member: MO chhogschhogs

    Hey all,

    I guess you are asking about the names before the line name. For example ‘Cornish Prudence’. This indicates that the line name of ‘Prudence’ wass bred at the farm ‘Cornish’ (which is our prefix). When you breed for eg a Majestic to a Matilda the boars from that breeding will ALL be Majestic & the gilts will ALL be Matilda. By keeping this line name in the registered name there is NEVER any confusion. (Canada has not done this & their registry is a total mess – no offense to any Canadians on this list but sometimes to discover what line of pig you have up there you have to go back several generations.)

    With a rare breed you are almost always going to get some “repetition” in the genealogy – it is pretty much taken for granted. Now as breeders we all have a different idea of what is good & what is bad. Some breeders do not agree with line breeding but Richard & I, along with the ALBC & others, believe it is very important for the survival of the breed. NOW & I put in a big disclaimer here, line breeding has to be done correctly & culling is a must. When you are line breeding or inbreeding you are concentrating the good genes & the bad genes so therefore you must only breed with the best & eat the rest. By line breeding you are always giving yourself an out cross should something go wrong. If you have a pig that is a mish-mash of everything then you have no out cross to go to.

    Saying that, ALL the lines have a certain mish-mash due to the limited gene pool available here BUT it is possible to make improvements & have pigs with mostly two lines in them (male & female). Take for example our Majestic Boar Hammy which we bought from Rima – he has Majestic through much of his bloodline on both sides – it is VERY rare to see that. SO what we have done is brought in another Majestic boar (from Canada) & our aim is to linebreed this line so that the Majestic line stays really strong. This will take time. When Hammy & Penny have a litter we will keep a boar & a sow from them & a boar & a sow from Martin & one of his girls. We will then breed them together so that the Majestic line stays strong but we are not breeding brother to sister. Make sense? Also we will & do only sell the best so that other folks can also continue to breed the best in their herds. We can also do the same with the female lines. This will take years of work but in the end it should pay off.

    If you ever want to chat about the pigs/Ci’s/trial mating etc please feel free to give us a call. It is easier to explain over the phone then by email. 417 261 2537 Happy to talk to folks about this – don’t be shy 🙂

    If we’re out with the animals we’ll call you right back.

    In all honesty you cannot tell if you have a good match simply by looking at the registration papers. That’s how we started. You really need to do some trial matings to see what will work the best.

    Liz & Richard – Missouri

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