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    From the time I started looking for my first LBH’s over 3 years ago until now, it seems that the availability of LBH’s has increased greatly. When I first started looking, I had a hard time finding anyone with pigs to sell. Now there are a lot of people selling them, and many people are dropping their prices to get them sold. This was a bad year for many because of the drought as water was getting scarce for some and the price of feed and hay have gone up. Maybe this year it just seems that way because of these unusual conditions, but it has gotten me thinking about marketing and how the association can help the pig breeders out there with marketing. A couple of things have crossed my mind. One, I know the association does do some marketing. What kind of budget does the association have for marketing, and what kinds of marketing are currently being done by the association? The other is some type of publication or document that is available to members giving helpful hints on where to start and how to put together a marketing program, etc. Does that sound like a good idea? And would that be something the Association can do? I am sure one issue would be someone or someones having the time to put something like this together and we are all so busy as it is. What would be the best way to be able to do something like this? Just some questions and food for thought. 😉
    Cyndie Phillippe

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    Good ideas. The board has been discussing something similar and at the last meeting two of the board members were asked to come up with something a that will help out marketing.

    As with all these things it takes someone to spend the time working it through, so we may call on members with know how to help out!



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    I would be glad to help with that. If you can connect me up with the others who were interested in working on this, we could connect up and get a game plan together. We can use the forum to solicit input from the members as to what people have tried, and what has worked and not worked. We could come up with some specific questions, and get members to answers those.
    Cyndie Phillippe

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    We have been discussing this subject a lot lately at the board meetings. We have been doing some advertising for the LBHA, but advertising to become a member or even to have breed stock advertised isn’t what this industry needs, in my opinion. What we need is more recognition in the area of pork sales. The reason the market has changed so much is because when many breeders started looking around 3+ years ago there were very few breeders in most areas, and those that had already started breeding didn’t have stock available yet. Everyone saw a real demand in piglets, so breeders across the country bought some piglets, grew them up and then just waited to have the money fly in for their piglets (not referencing anyone specifically, generalization here). If so-and-so in such-and-such area can sell out before they even have piglets on the ground, then all one would need to do is have a steady supply. In theory this is a great plan. But you can’t continue to just sell piglets to new breeders. As I have said many times before, eventually the breeders will have their necessary stock and someone needs to start moving some pork and piglets to be sold as feeders to supply that pork. Pork demand is out there, and gaining daily. Especially heritage pork raised on pasture. We need to structure a way to get the advertising necessary to pool together a steady supply of pork in various locations throughout the US.

    We are working on some ideas, but appreciate and will consider any and all input. Email ideas or suggestions to

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    Richard and Liz know me, I’m a writer a singer songwriter, and love to work on these types of projects.
    I would love to be on any level of this that I could.
    Please let me know.
    Sincerely Patrick Rhéaume
    Rhéaume’s Large Black Hogs

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