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    My first litter of piglets is due in about a month, and I’m very lucky to have in-laws who used to be pig farmers, so they have lots of wonderful knowledge about farrowing ect. The problem is, they were commercial pig farmers, and I know there are some huge gaps in common-practices between us “lunatics” that think pigs can be raised on pasture (ok, they’ve never said this to me, but I know they think it!) and the experienced commercial farmers.
    My mother-in-law insists that I must keep the boar separate, the piglets in a safe place where the sow cant squash them, and cut their milk teeth out the day they are born with side cutters. I said I didn’t think those same rules applied to LB’s. Am I right?

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    LOL! You are right 🙂 You do no need to cut the piglets tails or clip their teeth. Large Black sows & boars are extremely good parents – very rare will they squash one. Of course accidents do happen. You need to make sure that the nest is not too deep so that the piglets can get out from under the sow should she lie on one. The only reason you may want to separate the boar is that you will want to give extra food to the sow & you do not want the boar getting fat. Once those piglets are 3-4 weeks old they will be running under the electric wire & eating with whoever they want to. Our boars were extremely tolerant & always shared. If you have some polywire just move the boar next door so he can still see his girl & talk to her.

    All the best with your piggies 🙂 They are the best.


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    Jennifer Ledlow

    So happy to read this! I was getting really worried that I’d gotten into something overwhelming. Cutting teeth, tails, ears, castrating, crating, separating the boar, ect. 😕

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