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    I purchased unregistered large black hogs from Georgia in late June 2013. They were born late March. There are five gilts and 2 boars. The gilts appear to be very good as compared to the Hampshire gilts I showed. I am looking for a boar and there is not much in Illinois . Does anyone sell semen?

    I have looked at a lot of pictures and descriptions and there is no doubt they are large blacks but how do you go about registering them if you bought them from someone that kept them unregistered. I am adding them to the farm for pork sales only but I still am interested in having them documented. Anyone out there with advice on registering?

    Also, they are on pasture and are getting about 22 # of feed a day (split between morning and night). Any recommendations on feed/day .

    Finally, with the two boars in this group I probably plan on butchering them but would like to here some breeding plans out there by some large black owners.

    Thanks ,

    Sugar Grove Family Farms
    Greenview, IL

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    Member: IA luckygeorgefarmluckygeorgefarm

    There is one AI center in the US that currently has Large Black semen available. They have both registered and unregistered semen. If you are looking strictly for meat production on your non-registered hogs going with unregistered semen will not be detrimental to your operation. When I read through the registration procedures for the LBHA the one thing that struck me was that there seems to be no procedure to register undocumented LBH. Someone else will have to chime in here but it was becasue of that fact that we bought registered stock for our farm. From what I have read the hogs must have a pedigree from one of the “approved” registries. I would love to see a list of what registries those include at this point in time.

    For us, we bought registered stock and then we have been purchasing semen from registered boars so that we can use it to make registerable piglets. Carmen at International Boar Semen is very helpful and knowledgeable about the LBH semen they have on hand. Her info is:

    Carmen Heinzmann
    International Boar Semen
    Director of Technical Services

    For a breeding to have a good chance of taking you will need to purchase 2 straws (some in England would say three) and use it on females according to the instructions provided by the AI center. I hope this little bit of info helps. Feel free to call me too! I would love to know more about your stock and farm since we are pretty close to eachother.

    Angela Johnson
    Lucky George Farm
    Derby, IA

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    My thinking with the registered hogs vs. non-registered is I do want to help promote this breed and strengthen their genetics because after 2 months with them I really enjoy them on the farm, however, I do not feel it necessary if I do not plan to sell breeding stock primarily. I want to produce the best large blacks for our pork operation. I was just curious about other opinions that are held by other large black owners. I understand on a association website that most folk will be promoting registering but I bought non-registered and do not plan on spending money on registered litter.

    Thanks for the response Angela. I will plan on giving you a call sometime and get some information about your operation and experience with the breed. I appreciate your time in writing a response.

    Sugar Grove Family Farms
    Greenview, IL

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    I raise LBHs (all registered stock) in far western KY which is only about 4-1/2 hours from you in Greenview, IL. I am originally from Mendota, IL which is a couple hours north of you I am guessing.

    I’m going to start having my next piglets around September 8. The first should be Prudence/Majestic, then Charlotte/Majestic and Matilda/Majestic. I have also bred a new Charlotte and a new Warbler to a Noble Sam boar. They should be farrowing late October/early November. I would sell the bred Charlotte if someone would like a bred gilt to get started more quickly. I would also consider selling one of the bred sows to thin out my group. I still have 1 young Majestic and 2 Noble Sam boars (DOB 2/8 & 3/14) available along with 1 very nice Prudence gilt born 3/14/13, and 4 young feeder pigs. Let me know if you are interested in any of these, have questions, would like pictures, etc. Here is my farm FB page:, and my website is at although it needs some updating.

    You won’t be able to register your pigs unless the breeder gives you some paperwork to verify that the parents were registered or the parents’ parents, etc. The association will work with you if there is a trail they can work with, but it might mean registering everything back to the registered pigs. You will have to check with the breeder first to see if this is even possible.

    If my calculations are correct, you are feeding them about 3# each per day. Depending on pasture and forage (woods, etc.) that is available, 3-5#/day is good. The more you feed them, the faster they will grow, but my understanding is that you don’t want them to grow too fast. But I have heard of breeders who self-feed them and they do fine.

    If you are raising the boars for meat, are you planning on castrating them? There are some people that think you have to, but I know of several instances where the meat was fine as long as they were not put into service and isolated away from breeding ago females.

    Hope this helps! 🙂 Cyndie Phillippe

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    That’s good information from Cyndie. We understand your predicament. It’s hard to find heritage hogs in Illinois.

    We’re breeding Longfellow and Super lines in Murphysboro Illinois, females are Prudence and Warbler. We can provide registered or non registered stock. We currently have Weaners and Shoats available.

    Give me a call if you’d like to talk more about it.


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    Member: Ohio RegistrarRegistrar

    If a breeder sells unregistered hogs, they will remain unregistered. We cannot register an animal without the information from the breeder and payment for litter registrations or hog registrations. Please make sure you ask that question of the breeder before purchasing.

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    Member: WI Foxfire FarmFoxfire Farm

    I have several boars that I would be willing to sell. I raise the hogs in wi but I travel for work in Il and would be willing to deliver them to you. If you are interested you could call me at 630-205-0016 my name is jared gallagher

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