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    We are so tickled here – our label for selling USDA pork has been approved and last week the local paper ran a full page article about us! While we have had little trouble selling our hogs ‘on the hoof’ to folks wanting good pork to put in their freezer, we’ve been unable to legally sell any pork by the cut, ie, chops, ham steaks, side pork, sausage, etc. We recently had several of our finished pigs butchered at the USDA processor we’ve been working with, he let the carcasses hang for a full 10 days then packaged the meat into 1-2 pound packages, vacuum wrapped, and labeled. We’d sold a few packages but wow – the article came out and we’ve been selling like crazy since then! We’ve also sold the finished pigs we had left plus have taken orders for some that should be ready to go in February. It is just so exciting – I’m sure it will slow down a bit but we have had such wonderful feedback already that we are thinking very positively. If anyone wants to read the article here is the link to it: The reporter did get a few small details wrong but still, we thought it was a nice article. So if you’re worried you won’t sell your pigs, just be sure to get the word out about how your raise them and how they TASTE! They will sell! 😀

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