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    🙄 Say, just before the forum was switched over to the new look, I post a thread about pasture Crop, what to plant.
    I had a few replies, if you’d be so kind as to repost them I would appreciate it, I think it was Steve?
    Sincerely Patrick Rhéaume
    Rhéaume’s Ranch LBH

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    Does this help?

    This is your original topic. I recovered it along with all of the other topics you started from the old system. They got removed when your user id was deleted by mistake.



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    Don’t remember if I sent you a reply, via email, or not. But yes, I thank you for posting the link.

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    Avatarjean rouillard

    If you do a computer search on forages for swine you will get multiple studies, recommendations. We have had good success to date with forage turnips, rape, and grass mixes with a combination of forages often planted for deer plots. Our future plans are to try field peas, forage radishes and kale. We live in Maine so our growing season is short and succession planting is key to having forage as late into the season as possible. The pigs have loved anything we have planted so far and will spend equal time in the forage as they do on straight grass. It greatly reduces having to give them supplemental feedings but I have not calculated cost of seed, tractor fuel etc,. to see what if any is the cost savings in $. Jean Rouillard

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    Jean thanks for your post, I greatly appreciate the information, and one of the things I like seeing is
    a like minded concept, and or thought.
    I’ve been in touch with our MSU County extension service, and have some of the same recommendations.
    One thing i need to learn is how to plant a continuing crop.
    One of the other things I’ve been reading on (not finished) is to always have something not only in the fields, but between the rows
    to insure that there are always Nutrients, and other trace minerals and benefits into the soil.
    I’ll post what I’m doing, and the results.
    Again thank for your input.
    Sincerely Patrick Rhéaume
    Rhéaume’s Large Black Hogs

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    Avatarjean rouillard

    Patrick, We keep learning each year how to do the succession planting to keep new forage coming and how much to plant at a time etc,. I try and plant a 1/4 acre every 2 wks. with something. We alternate our paddocks with grass and forage so the pigs can be put into an area with both available when it’s ready. We have had up to 4 mature hogs in a paddock at a time and it will take them several weeks to eat it down. Once off that area , some of the forage grows back on its own. I do not have rows as I have been using a rototiller to prepare the soil and then broadcast the seed so I don’t have a planter or anything like that. Since the pigs have been on this pasture that historically was so wet it was growing ferns, it has improved for quality of grass that is growing on it and is much dryer – no more ferns – with the thicker, improved growth on it. I do not use any fertilizers etc,. and the pigs get hog pellets or some form of feed daily to meet their mineral and vitamin requirements for breeding hogs. I am in hopes to get a plow and harrow next spring to do the preparation of the soil as it is hard on our rototiller. I am planning to rotate established paddocks every 2-3 years to alternate grassy areas with planted forage depending on the conditions of the grassy areas and expand what we grow. I think the forage turnips and kale will be the hardiest for later in the season foraging and am in hopes to have them out on pasture through all of nov. and early dec. next year. Our state, as I am sure most states have, seed specialists that could help out but i am rather independent and don’t have the time to meet with folks and Maine isn’t big on growing swine so I’m finding no one has good answers to most of my questions. I am finding experimenting and trying things out on my own to be fun and rewarding and so far have been good getting returns on what we grow. Good luck, Jean

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