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    Member: IN Andy VanNessAndy VanNess

    Anyone have advise/tips on maintaining a pigs health during long transportation? I’ll potentially be sending some gilts to a new home, that will require an approximate 10 hour trailer ride. I was just wondering what preventative measures I could take to help them sustain the trip without getting sick. I know keeping them enclosed to avoid the airflow of interstate travel would be a must, especially in cold temperatures, but just wondered what else could be done?

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    Member: GA Bob HaylesBob Hayles

    Its a bit late…WAY late, actually…but I didn’t know the answer and hoped someone would chime in. Since they didn’t, I checked around and found Grazix-F is what you need. You can get it from Hubbard Feed:

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    Member: Ohio RegistrarRegistrar

    As I told Bob when he asked about this post on the phone the other day, I have used the product on my husband too. For one or two pigs or hogs being transported either to the butcher or to a new farm, I take about a tsp – to couple tablespoons and shoot it in their mouth with a needle-less syringe. I have had great results with the swine (and husband too). The bottle that I have is Grazix Procine – W for weaned pigs. It is a solution that is ready to use through a 1:128 proportion. (1 ounce per gallon or 8ml per liter). For 400 pigs (weanlings), administer 2 bottles on day , 1 bottle on day 2 and one bottle on day 3. Use only with fresh, dechlorinated drinking water. Shake bottle before using. The Grazix F is for piglets newborn to weaning.

    grazix information sheet

    Above is a link to the information sheet that I received from a meeting put on by my local feed mill along with a representative from Hubbard Feeds here in Ohio.
    Happy Hogging!

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