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    Member: TX Dora SheffieldDora Sheffield

    We are located approx 100 miles north of Houston, TX in a small rural area between Huntsville and Riverside, Texas. We have 40 acres of pasture land in which we are now running several types of animals. Our latest venture are the Large Black Heritage Hogs. Our pigs are pasture grazing on several types of naturally and planted grains, with natural forage and supplemental gestational cubes, greens, ground rice and oats and fodder seasonal to make sure all their nutrients are fulfilled. We do not give our animals hormones and use natural deworming avenues as we believe that even though it takes a little longer to feed out a Black Heritage, the benefits of the meat is phenomenal!! Whether your need is for feed or breed, please give me the chance to show you some of these beauties! If you are interested please feel free to send email to or or call 832-863-5128. We can make arrangements for delivery if needed.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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