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    Please look at the post in “Hog Health” titled “Piglets lasted 2 days or less”, and offer your experience and suggestions. I’ll fill in the blanks that Richard asked, as much as I can, though it is very little. Alley lives in New Mexico, so rather arid. The gilts she has were vaccinated for tetanus as piglets, but nothing else. She told me that the sows looked “healthy” at delivery. She was away when the first gilt had her litter, and when she came home, all were dead. She told me that the piglets were “different sizes”, but I don’t know if that was throughout the litter, or just one or two small ones (that most of us experience from time to time). The second and third litters, she was there. Sounds like they were born alive, but over a 24-48 hour time frame, they all died except one. She said she had hay for the gilts. I don’t know much else. If it was one sow, I’d say something was wrong with the one sow, but all three, it has to be something…

    Please help out as much as possible. I asked her to take one to the vet for testing, but I don’t know if that happened or not.


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