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    Shiner Pork

    We live in South/Central Texas and we’re looking for someone (commercial or private) that knows how to scrape a hog. All the processors we know will only skin the hog, but we have a customer that wants to do a whole hog roast and wants the skin left on, and all the hair scraped off, of course.

    Anyone in the area know of a processor that will scrape a hog. This might become a regular event.


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    Diana Somerville

    Hi Ross I don’t live in Texas but I just wanted to tell ya that when if you find someone to do it, don’t be surprised when you pick it up that it will change color and be white. The only black might be in the bottom of the ear canal I did not believe it at first and thought I was ripped off then checked around and learned a few things, when I looked into the eyes I new it was the hog I dropped off . I was told the red hogs sometimes keep there color when dipped but other than that the others turn white . Little lessons learned by experience will help all . good luck Pat

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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